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Fruity Sweet, Sassy Tart!

je suis désolé -.-

We, of the House of Cozey, wish to apologize for the brazen use of french, when we are so clearly, so obviously, not french lol.

It’s good to see you all! Lurkers, readers and skimmers alike ♥ Lot’s of ‘funcy’ sweet things are up all in here, from a few events I think you’ll enjoy. And might I say, ‘Blessed are the Events with minimal Lag, for they shall reap cash accordingly.”

  • These purses though! They’re the latest from House of London’s {Cherry} brand for this month’s L’accessoires. Comes in four colors and are refreshingly cute!
  • Shoes! Wedges that aren’t so wedgy! Pure Poison’s Cherry Wedges also at L’accessoires, they’re refreshingly simple and I like that the heels aren’t the typical ‘boxy’ wedge, thing.
  • Necklace! This time a closer peek at Cila’s Fruitopia ‘cherry’ necklace in silver. The simplest touches can sweeten up any day! available at L’accessoires as well
  • The dress! Coquet’s Tart dress now at The Theme Park! Fast becoming one of my favorite apparelly makers. It is also available in four ‘fruity’ flavors, uh I mean colors.
  • Also @ The Theme Park, Kuro’s Folding Days’ ottomans (w/ rugs!), which are loaded with animations, all of which I am posing with
  • New Cozey prop, I call it L’homme Cozey something…yeah no name yet but what a great accessory it makes, dummy or not!

Just a few points to whet an appetite or two. Or none, its okay, I’ve got enough time on my hands since the grid is down.

So when the magical portals open once more, why not make your way to these friendlier oft times calmer events, where you might actually find a treasure or two 🙂 It was Meme Monday yesterday so I did a partial cheat and photobombed myself as myself, only not myself.

Da bomb diggity

So maybe its a bomb-selfie. That would look horrid as a tagline huh? “The Bomb-Selfie”. Be sure to stop by and peek. And do!

Really, this addiction is starting to wane a bit ya’ll.

Thanks for stopping by on this, our Throwing the keyboard at the screen, Tuesday!

Other Credits:
Hair: Wasabi Pills‘ Ingrid’ | FaMESHed
Skin: Glam Affair’s Coral | Collabor88
Hands|Feet: Slink Casual and Elegant mesh hands, Mid Height Mesh Feet
Nails: Wicked Peach‘ Candy Floss (for Slink Av/e) | The Theme Park
New Friend: Image Essential’s Dummy Gacha (rare) | Past Pose Fair

Other Furniture:
House: Barnesworth Anubis‘ Duxbury House | Collabor88
Stool: Kokolores’ Stool w/ animations | Past Pose Fair
Pansies: Aloutte 



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