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XIAJ, Essenz, Beppin, Kokolores and more

These guise. Or should I say these guises?

Styling Malnzoe with a new fedora/hairdid from this past Menswear Fashion week and yes, I have a thing for fedoras. I have a thing for that high hair too and I don’t know why except, it reminds me of something, someone. Oh yes, him.

Seriously in all seriousness, I made doubly sure that Mal’s ‘thing’ was going to be feeedorahs. None of this X-appendage nonsense.

Right, moving along then! In less than an hour we shall be welcoming back to the mid-month line up of events, none other than the quintessential candy stop of all time, L’accessoires! (blaring horns ensue)

If you can see from here, /me squints eyes, I am wearing a silver cherry necklace from Cila, who also has a strawberry version featured as well. And as I nudge your focus down the canvas to my feet, you’ll see a lovely pair of heels designed by none other than Senzation Domenitzo of Essenz Footwear. Here’s a closer teaser pic from my Facebook wall.

I have soup, you must come with.

Mal is content (see what I did there?) to feature XIAJ’s latest offering for the Mens Dept, a smooth lookin’ baseball tee. For those who are squinting like me, again, it says’ “But I am Shy”. And we all know how shy I can be when it comes to good food…not really.

I’m a little behind, give or take a few weeks Oo, in featuring this cool urban themed photography prop from pose+ivity, but I did visit the shop and halleluyer, it is now available in their main store so be sure to clicky the linky and peruse.

Also do peek at the credits as there are several other events worth visiting, The Theme Park, The Feeling, The Collabor88 (eh?), The Chapter Four, just to name a few.

Thanks for stopping by on your weekly bloggy tour! Aloha till next time♥

On Wendz:
Dress: *Beppin’ Provocative Cotton by Teyara Mayo | The Feeling
Shoes: *Essenz’ Toronto by Senzation Domenitzo | L’accessoires 
Necklace: *Cila’ Fruitopia Necklace in silver by comilla1023 | L’accessoires 
Hair: *Kokolores’ Sweet Sally by Leyla Flux | The Theme Park (May 15th!)
Skin: Glam Affair’s Coral #04 in america by Aida Ewing | Collabor88
Hands|Feet: Slink Casual & Elegant Mesh Hands, Mid Height Mesh Feet

Pose Prop: *.[ pose+ivity ]. Urban Prop Scene | Past Pose Fair 2014 now available @ mainstore!
   */XIAJ/ Ramen Yatai Gacha (rare) by superjaix | The Chapter Four

On Mal:
Top: *XIAJ’ Lee Baseball Tee ‘Shy’ by superjaix | The Mens’ Dept.
Pants: XIAJ’ Brooklyn Bomber Pants
Hair: Mr. C’ Wild in espresso (with hat)
Skin: Tableau Vivant’ Ren #05
Facial Hair: Tableau Vivant Soul thin curtain #4
Ears: Mandala’s Steking Mesh ears
Hands|Feet: Slink Gesture & Relaxed Mesh Hands


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