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See me be brave..

Being brave is scary.

And when I’m scared, or nervous, or afraid, I start to get ‘grabby’ hands, and not in the fun sense either. Some may call that a weakness, others, a crutch, but I’ve found that when I have something or someone solid to hold on to, I am empowered. Be it faith or a friend, a solid foundation helps me to feel grounded and yes, brave.

Yesterday, I freed up some time to sit and read over all the articles from Lucie Bluebird’s, Project Everybody. The courage displayed there struck a chord, insomuch that I got up out of my seat to go and spend some time soul searching. After using up a half a box of kleenex and washing the ‘scared’ off my face, I downloaded a copy of Sara Bareilles’ Brave song, and proceeded to loop it times infinity.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you catch a vision in your mind and see it to its fruition? Nothing on paper yet, but completed in your thoughts? That’s what happened at loop 30, I think. And that’s what happened as I skimmed through my contacts list on Second Life and saw that Don Mill was online.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting either Don or his lovely partner Caitlin Tobias (in world or off ), I highly recommend that you start your own stalking campaign. (I jest of course, but you know what I mean). They are one of my favorite couples on the blogosphere. World class travelers, always finding the party in Slife, and so very very, brave. So Don? Thank you for your willingness to be the ‘man prop’ at the most opportune moment lol.

When I started Cozey, one of the first blog challenges I participated in was lingerie themed. It provided the perfect backdrop I needed to start practicing some rudimentary photo-editing ‘skills’. Digital art is not my forte obviously, but we all have to start somewhere. After a few weeks into this challenge, I had featured a certain design that was given to me by one of my friends. It was very exciting at the time. When all the processing was done, and final draft submitted, I shared the post with him only to be met with scorn and disgust. Needless to say, I haven’t done another exclusive lingerie ‘thing’ again, until now.

Being brave on the Second Life blogosphere is something that shouldn’t be looked at as trivial or frivolous. It is a courageous thing for veteran bloggers or new comers to spend endless hours learning,  honing skills and practicing new techniques. Even if we’re just ‘snapping in the raw’, posting credits, writing, or in depth editing, the time we spend doing this, is a commodity that is precious, and a brave pursuit.

Blogs in general, are a dime a dozen. I get it.  We are  hardy lot. We’re constantly putting ourselves in the way of scrutiny and criticism. We’re gluttons for punishment, really. All joking aside, it takes a certain amount of ‘ganas’ to stick with blogging, SL or otherwise. Heck, it takes ganas to stick with anything worth pursuing. So maybe your dime, in time, if you stick with it, will reward you someday with a hundred dozen more 🙂

As I chatted off and on with Don during the snapshoot, it finally dawned on me that writing for Cozey had become more than just a hobby. I always pretend like it is, but it isn’t true. Cozey in its essence is me. Sure I blabber about things that are non sequential to most, and yeah, I jabber about my family too. But if there ever is a space on the world wide web where I can call home and jab so freely, Cozey is it.

My avatar is my canvas and I’ve finally learned that it honestly, really, truly does not matter what anyone says or thinks or throws your way, so long as you let the darts fly by. Someone told me once, that thoughts and words are like birds, they will come and go, just don’t let them build a nest in your hair. I am part Polynesian and Filipino by birth. I have tan skin, dark brown eyes,  long black hair and a penchant for fried rice. I have learned to embrace my body the way God made it. Oh, and I am also a mother of three, bouncing baby teenagers. And thankfully they forgive me for being a happy, bouncing baby, mother.

The journey to this self acceptance was not an easy one, so when Cozey was born, I finally found somewhere where that journey could end. Where I could really SLive! Here, it does not matter why you are wearing what you are wearing, only that you are having fun doing so. There is no room for pride in this garden, there is only room for love.

So I leave that proverbial door slightly open for anyone brave enough to cross that threshold, into the garden of all my happy thoughts and general musings. The time I spend here could be spent anywhere really, but here I can tend to the early blooms of creativity. Here I can pull out the pesky weeds of doubt and despair, and it is here where I can also slip into something more revealing.

With our without lingerie, with or without words, my home is yours and you are most welcome.

To participate in Project Everybody, simply visit the blog site here and you can also add your images to the Flickr Group as well.

Aloha for now ♥

On Wendz:
Lingerie: Blacklace Diacentra by Mariska Simons
Jewelry: Sax Shepherd Designs’ Nyx Jewelry by Sax Shepherd for The Fantasy Faire
Hair: Elua’s Lilo by Miu Edman | New
Skin: Glam Affair’s Aria by Aida Ewing
Hands: Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Pose: oOo Studio’ Hollywood Two by Olaenka Chesnokov

Special Guest: Don Mill of  Always in Good Company 



  1. Woow so dam well written! The pics are gorgeous as are you! I love my daily dose of cozy and the project looks interesting. I need to check it out! After!! I go be brave with the kitchen :D. ♡

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  2. Don Mill says

    I love the post and loved the chance to take those pictures with you Wendz. The whole photoshoot was delightful… and well.. I would never complain about the eye candy.

    For the record… no “s”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww, Wendz, it breaks my heart that someone was so critical of your hard work. That is just plain mean-spirited. I’m glad you rose to the challenge when I know it could be so easy to just back off. /me sends you back those hugs 100 fold ❤

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  6. Dear Wendz, I need not try too hard to imagine how relaxed and enjoyable this shoot might have been. I’ve been watching your blog since I first discovered it during Avatar Blogger Month. it’s been a delight to see your progress and perseverance since then. For many, the cost of sharing one’s creativity is the vulnerability that accompanies it. We live in a culture where making yourself vulnerable, whether that’s exposing your illogical fears, personal challenges or innermost feelings, is considered a form of weakness. But it’s precisely when we expose ourselves that we are the most courageous. These are the experiences that brings purpose and meaning to our lives, virtual or otherwise. You deserve great credit for moving beyond the criticisms of your early efforts, and keep on keeping on 🙂

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