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Not so picture perfect

But we’re worth it! You know that we’re worth it!
Will you love me, even with my dorky side?

And this dork says  it is worth the time for that trip to Pose Fair you’ve been putting off 😉 These next couple of images feature  Burlesque poses from 8+. They are both gacha prizes and created by my pint sized latina sistah, Cris Leakey, who has been slowly adding more pretties to heronline shop here.  

I’m really liking how she put so many varieties using just one prop. You simply Add to Wear/Worn, the props and viola!

Lest I forget to mention, L’accessoires is currently open for the month of April and will be till May 8th. That’s plenty of time to come on over and peruse every designer’s nook and cranny… the vendors I mean. I’m showing off these nifty sunglasses from Cila. Shiny enough to give my pretend cabaret number a nice oomph!

Speaking of cabaret, isn’t this stage the cutest? Project Puppet Poses is responsible for this creative build. Included is a menu chock.. FULL of options with rezzable items. I’m just featuring one pose from the Microphone series..there’s more even! Poses with canes, poles, chairs :O Very practical imo.

For those of you who pinged me on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about the Bumblebee Friend from MishMish being rereleased…welps, here she is! And I named her Xippy in honor of the Inventory Game hah!

The other ‘X’ items I once had in my inventory are now tucked in a box within a hundred boxes and will most likely stay there for all of Slexternity. (I kill myself)

“Don’t run away, promise you’ll stay…”  Xippy, you’re the sweetest friend.

Thanks for dropping by and see you all in a bit ♥

Featured Poses:

Image 1 & 4
Dream Print’s Shade & Vogue by Ashlie Coba | Pose Fair

Image 2 & 3
8+ Poses Burlesque Gacha Prize (s) by Cris Leakey | Pose Fair

Image 5
Project Puppet Poses’ Caberet Club Stage by Bren Dovgal | Pose Fair

Other Credits:
Top: Maitreya’s Half Tucked Shirt by Onyx LeShelle | New @ Mainstore!
Pants: Maitreya’s Dirty Boyfriend Jeans by Onyx LeShelle | New @ Mainstore!
Hair: D!va’s Elsa by Marisa Kira | The Season’s Story
Necklace: O.M.E.N’s Spring Bee Gem
Earrings: MishMash Boo Boo Honey Earrings
Skin: Glam Affair’s Brandi in europa by Aida Ewing | The Season’s Story
Eyes: Ikon Destiny Eyes denim
Lashes: Mon Cheri’s Falsies
Hands: Slink Casual & Flat Hands

Special Guest: Xippy | MishMish’ A Bumblebee Friend by Aime Takaaki | Past FLF



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