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A Cozey Easter

Forgive me for a long-ish article, I’ve been solving 1st life burn out by hiding under a blanket watching reruns of this show.

This uber cute pose from Le Poppycock comes with a new friend here at Cozey. Is it a finch? A starling?  The pose is called Zip a Dee, it is a gacha prize, and will be at Pose Fair! (I think we’ll name him, SkyFlakes.)

Sari Sari’s Playful pose will also be at the Pose Fair, and they’re delightfully whimsy! Perfect for frolicking through a field of bluebells in heels, wait. Where’d SkyFlakes fly off to?

Here’s a compilation of Easter images I put together showcasing what’s on the menu. Brunch has been provided by Aphrodite SL, who consistently find the time to feed us.  And the bottom image features oOo Studio’s Belle (sit pose series) also available at the Pose Fair.

Munchies on 4/20. It’s just too good to pass up.

Thor and I relocated recently and got us more prims to play with! Hence the over abundance in flora and fauna. Thor’s out there somewhere..forgot where. Maybe he found Skyflakes!

I’ve acronym-ed all the letters I’ve missed from the Inventory Game~

I is for Imagination ~ I’ve always wanted to ‘make’ a virtual garden of sorts. Imagination is a beautiful thing.

J is for Jewelry ~ Zibska’s Avalon Necklace.. Zibby’s creations are literally littered all over my inventory. Like finding candy!

K is for Kaoru Darkstone of Frog’s Garden ~ Field flowers, ground covering, they might not be mesh, but I did not mind that one bit. Such Pretty!

L is for L’accessoires ~ Where you can find Zibska’s Avalon Necklace! (see what I did there). It is also for Le Poppycock, Skyflakes’ former home.

M is for Marina Ramer, co owner of Aphrodite SL ~ Thanks to  Marina and Jaylin Whitewood, Thor and I will never go hungry again!

N is for Negligence ~ I neglected the Inventory Game’s positivity and now my inventory has grown by 2,000 new items. Also neglected to share Vanessa and I’s Minecraft adventure, from which I still suffer arrow-butt-burn to this day.

O is for Olaenka Chesnokov of oOo Studios ~ Click here (scroll down) to see the poses she’ll be featuring at the Pose Fair!

P is for, that’s right you guessed it! Pose Fair! ~ Click here for mas importante informacion and here for sneak peeks!

Q is for the quiet that welcomes you to our Cozey Easter Brunch. May it leave you with warmth and glad tidings of comfort and joy.

The Pose Fair officially opens tomorrow April 19th (noonish).

I’ve also included links to other fantastic events happening on the grid..Clickable Links are always fun! Do visit when you can.

Thank you always, for stopping by. Have a terrific weekend!

Featured Items:
Dress: Coquet’ Athena Dress by Tabitha Marquez | The Theme Park
Shoes: Essenz’ Philadelphia by Senzation Domenitzo | L’accessoires
Necklace: Zibska’s Avalon by Zib Scaggs | L’accessoires
Bindi: Sax Shepherd Designs Devi Jewels ‘Parvati’ by Sax Shepherd | The Theme Park
Hair: Exile’ San Fransisco by Kavar Cleanslate | The Season’s Story
Skin: Glam Affair Brandi in europa 4g by Aida Ewing | The Season’s Story
Hands/Feet: Slink Casual Mesh Hands, Slink Mid Height Mesh Feet
Nails: Action’ Nail HUD (for Slink Av/e) Brighton by Marilynmonroe Munro | The Cosmetic Fair
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes ‘Blush’ XS
Lashes: Mon Cheri’s Falsies

Sari-Sari Playful #03 by AbbyAnne | The Pose Fair 2014 Coming Soon!
oOo Studio Belle #07 by Olaenka Chesnokov | The Pose Fair 2014 Coming Soon!
Le Poppycock *Zip-A-Dee*’ It’s the Truth by Olivia Lalonde | The Pose Fair 2014 Coming Soon!

Aphrodite’s Easter Brunch Buffet ‘Easter Party’! by Jaylin Whitewood/Marina Ramer | New @ Aphrodite SL!
Aphrodite Spring “Vintage” chair with animations | New @ Mainstore
Aphrodite Spring pink roses bouquet (animated) | New Gift @ Mainstore
8f8’s Sweet Life Balloons Gacha by 8f8 | The Season’s Story

Frog’s Garden’ Cosmos mix Bucket (flowers) by Kaoru Darkstone
A.D.D.Andel! Round Topiary- Flowers: Red-ish by Andel Rhiadra | The Season’s Story
Frogstar – Torcello Mediterranean Patio

(If you need more info. on something you see please feel free to send me an email or msg in world)

Location: Hale Kahana



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  2. Nice catch up there! It was fun chatting while we wended our way through Pose Fair. Thanks for the offer of Mal, but I was pitiful enough that Grumper logged in before he left for the weekend. He had to leave for a while to get a haircut, so don’t tell him what I got up to with him while he was getting his dodid 😉


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