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A ‘Cozey’ Afternoon


Having spent a many of my afternoons this past week at the whims of my RL employers, I thought it was high time to sit down and have some high tea. Spring time in Seattle is beautiful when Mr Sun comes out to play. And he’s been so generous lately.

I miss Hawaiian sunsets and tropical breezes, surely. But Seattle has some of its own magic as well.

My 1st life garden is the polar opposite of what my ideal virtual one is. Landscaped, structured flower beds, walkways, stone paths. Very manicured. Very militant even.

My ideal virtual ‘garden’ is a tad overgrown. Sort of tame, but not so much that each plant has its own space to ‘shine’. And I like it this way. Not for the allergen prone mind you, but in Virtual Reality, there are no histamines. This is me in a nutshell. Sort of tame but has enough space for everything in my life to shine.

So come have a sat with me on this Cozey afternoon.

Aphrodite SL has provided this elegant Spring Tea Table set, that you can pick up now at their main store. 

I’ve got forks in my apron and a taxi ride waiting just for you!

Featured Items:

Aphrodite “The spring tea” table
Aphrodite Spring “Vintage” chair with animations
Aphrodite “The spring tea”plant deco
Aphrodite “The spring tea” flowers deco
Aphrodite Tea service

Mesh White blue Garden Pansy MC ~ Terrashop
Mesh Boredaux Garden Pansy MC ~ Terrashop
[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01
[we’re CLOSED] wild flowers lavender
Dysfunctional Designs Orchard Tree – Apples (bloom)
Enchanted Woods v2 ~ Skye Studios

Aphrodite SL Shop Website
Aphrodite SL Shop Shop Online
Aphrodite SL Shop Main Store Location



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