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A Walk through Hazardous

A walk through one of the more popular Second Life photography hot spots, proved fruitful in abundance. Very much a ‘new to me’ experience, I’ve seen hundreds of captures, lots of video, but Hazardous, is a region you need to physically (so to speak) visit, in order to ‘feel’ the creators’ vision.

What defines true immersion within the context of a Virtual experience? Images, cinematic interpretations? Technology is advancing so much so, that we have tools like Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, to propel us deeper into a visionary’s imagination.

I think the great part about these advances, is that we can  create our own experiences through an artist’s handiwork. Someone told me once that just as much as an artist puts his vision into his masterpiece, it is also in how we receive its message. Though one picture may speak a thousand words, what if you had the tools to ‘experience’ viscerally, what the artist felt at the time of creation?

I’m probably rambling for lack of cookies, but regions like these are going by the wayside and though Hazardous has been around for a while, I’m thankful the owners continue to share a piece of themselves with the rest of the metaverse.

Mandingo Quan is actually an ex co worker of mine (hah)! He mentioned his SL geekdom has come to surface, and has converted many of the geographical features of Hazardous to mesh. I even dared to ask if the cliffs were for sale :/ (No they aren’t what a shame!) Ah well.

Thank you for visiting Cozey SL on your beeezy Saturday, I know its a sacrifice to, but I’m sure glad you did.

And thank you Dingo, for a warm welcome to your home, after all these years!

TP to Hazardous
Hazardous Flickr Group

Mandingo Quan | Wendy Xeno (Humanoid)

Travel 52 SL Blog Challenge
Travel 52 SL Flickr Group



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