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Fabulous Friend

Fabulous Friends by Bumblebee

Fabulous Friends are few and far between, 

So when you find them, look beyond what is seen.

Hold fast, to the tears and the laughter and the shame.

Even through the worst times, together fought, can help each other’s flame.

Cougar is my forever sister and my forever friend,

Though miles apart, we dwell in Virtuality’s cosmic land.

If we were 1st life neighbors, she’d be here everyday,

Coaching poor ole’ Bumble, and guiding her along the way.

No doubt, she can see the bigger picture of the grander scheme,

Of the life, she’s already traveled, a life full of wondrousity.

Fabulous Friends are few, a mercy, a rarity,

Though miles apart, keep them close! They are your source of reality.


For more information about The Inventory Game, visit Irez.Me. We’re actually into the Letter G today, soooo, mayhaps I squeeze a G thing later tonight.
And just a side-note, Cougar, I repeat… Cougar is NOT in my matter how much I’d like her to be. No box big enough to contain all that fabulous, right?

Exactly 🙂

Flowers count as F? YAY for flowers!


On Wendz:
Top: Mutresse’ Nadya Tank Top | FaMESHed
Shorts: Mutresse Lana Shorts
Shoes: Pure Poison’s Jolie Sandals (brazil)
Hair: Tableau Vivant’ Low Hair
Skin: Glam Affair’s Brandi (jamaica 1B) | Cutie Moon Fair
Hands/Feet: Slink Casual Mesh Hands, Female Mesh Flat Feet
Pose: Sari Sari’s Feminine Pose G4

On Cougar:
Top: Sassy’ Rockadoll Halter
Shorts: coldLogic shorts pitt.cotton
Shoes: Ingenue Pandora Flats (gacha)
Hair: DeLa’s Mouelleux Hair
Skin: Tuli’s Claire|Radiance (bronze, bare)
Hands/Feet: Slink Casual Mesh hands, Female Mesh Flat Feet
Pose: Sari Sari’s Feminine Pose D9

Special Guest: Bella Elizabetta ~ ABC Awesome Breed Creations (arabian horse)

Location: Lost Horizon



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