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Everyday Eyes

Is she, lookin’ at me?
“Are you lookn’ at me?!”

Well, we’re the only ones here. The Eyes had it for this letter in the Alpha-tory game. I realize we all have our favorite eyeball shops. Eyeball shops? I have lost all tact at 2am lol.

So here are my everyday-other day eyeballs, that I frequently use/wear. Tried that whole ‘match your eyeball with your outfit’ thing last winter, and it just wasn’t working out. Rather then ramble mercilessly through each set, I’ve decided to include my Sunday Sevensies right here.. right now. On the floor, face down, asssssss you wish!

1. Your go-to eyes.. the set that you instinctively wear or are wearing at least 90% of the time.
Ikon’s Destiny Eyes, black, extra small (pupils)

2. Your second go-to eyes.. the set that makes you feel like a superstar or wear when you want to sparkle.
Dead Apples’ Sinistre Series, blind brown

3. Your third go-to eyes.. the set that guarantees you a great picture with every single shot, every single time.
Mayfly’s Monet Night, w2, (mesh)

4. Are you always this tactful at 2am on a Saturday night?
Only if Thor, my husky, (literally), leaves me alone. This morning, he decided to sleep on my foot.

5. Anything interesting happening this week? Mall walk? Zumba?
Funny you should ask, from April 9th through 12th, VWBPE or Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, will be having its annual conference. Yours truly, will be meeting and greeting For Like, ‘The first time in foreverrrrrrr”! 
Click here for more information.

6. Favorite Tweet you read last week?

7. Favorite blog article of the week?
Jo Yardley’s April $%#%#$% Fool Post last Tuesday. That’ll teach me to check Twitter on April Fool’s day!

Have a terrific start to your week, and do join us on this whirlwind trip down Alphabet-Lane! Street…

Ikon Destiny Eyes, black and denim, xs
Ikon Spectral Eyes, moor xs
Mayfly Mesh Eyes Monet Night w2
Mayfly Mesh Eyes Dusky Hazel Shadow w2
Dead Apples Eyes, Sinistre, blind brown
Dead Applies eyes, Cosmic, shattered
Mon Cheri’s Falsies Mesh Lashes
Glam Affair’s Vera skin, america tone
booN YNO421 hair black



  1. I never change my eyes. Well, I’ve tried, but I can’t find any that I like as much as my Amacci Gaze eyes in Ocean Blue. They’re almost as old as I am, but they photograph beautifully and I haven’t found another pair that can match the colour.


  2. My eyes, my eyes , are the only thing I don’t want to take off you…singing this off key and badly at that. It is 6 AM in the morning and I need sleep! Heading there now, and peep, my eyes are older than dirt lol ♥


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