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Roses for Company

Whether they’re for the taking or for the sharing, roses are for company! Or in my case, ‘are’ my company. It is Day 3 of The  Home Show, and every thing there is potential candy for me. Mesh flowers, roses, gardens, flower plots and pots! Oh my…lanta -.- Pocket book’s a bit empty, but having these gorgeous roses in my inventory is very much worth it. So their not ‘spring’, so wah?

I’m always on the look out for curtains/drapes. Either for backgrounds or hiding empty corners.  I pretty much failed at Deco 101 and even tonight I cheated, asked my #2 teenager if wrought iron was better than cushy wicker backs. (She rolled her eyes and said, “Duh”. Guess I should have seen that one coming.)

Atelier Visconti’s Sophie Set, is pure elegance and a joy to photographize.

And the lag divinities granted me one lucky spikey push to nab some other items as well including Torcello’s Mediterranean Patio which includes 4 wall/floor textures via HUD. Also I’ve been seeing more content creators try their hand at ‘well’ making. So here’s my prediction that by the end of this year, some of us would have collected wells, like we collect shoes. Or Birdy pets Oo.

Thanks for stopping by today, and hey, why not stop by the Home Show and get a ‘whiff’ of Atelier Visconti’s gorgeous Roses for yourself? I’ll even pay for your taxi fare!

See you there~

Featured Items:
Atelier Visconti’ Sophie Chair | The Home Show
Atelier Visconti’ Sophie Table | The Home Show
Atelier Visconti’ Brise Well | The Home Show
Atelier Visconti’ Red Roses Bucket (also available in yellow, red, rose’)| The Home Show
Dysfunctional Designs’ Orchard Tree (apple) by Kalia Firelyte | The Home Show
Dysfunctional Designs’ Classical Candlestick
22769 bauwerk’ Red Velvet Drapes by Manuel Ormidale | The Home Show
Frogstar’ Torcello Mediterranean Patio by Ravenna Rossini | The Home Show
Studio Skye’ Enchanted Woods v2

*Click here to see Elysium Hynes’ | Zee’s full coverage on Pinterest!*



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  2. purplebutterflylykin says

    Roses are my number one favourite !!!
    You have no idea how much I drooled at these photos when they popped up on flickr! Thankfully no one took a photo of my nose pressed up against my screen.

    Liked by 1 person

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