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Sunday Sevensies 14

Just a warning ahead of time, this article is quite long Oo Be advised and get scroller handy.

Doncha wish your boyfriend was a freak like me? Sike! Mal’s not so freaky when he’s in chill mode. I have a RL friend that  lives nearby who plays Second Life and told me the other day that Mal looked really young. Started gettn’ up in my bidness and axing me bout skins n ship, foo’ be cray cray!

For today’s Sunday Sevensy, I wanted to share a few articles I’ve read over the past week, not necessarily fashion ones. Some are related to other parts of the Second Life community, and some are random. ‘Doobie’ sure to peruse the credits for Mal’s pretties and if anyone ever says your malt is less than ideal, tell ’em to get off your ship 🙂

1. Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus Rift: Bomb? or BOMB?
Depending on which point of view you’re coming from, it could be the best step forward for the majority of those who enjoy the ‘social’ side of  all virtual platforms.. OR it could bomb, no matter how deep FB’s pockets are…What does this mean for Second Life?

Relevant reads/shows by Second Life Residents:
*Cieran Laval
* Jo Yardley
*Draxtor Files Show #12

Why does Bumble even give a hoot? Oculus Rift never would have been available to even test/buy/demo if it were not for crowd funding, more specifically, Kickstart. I’ve spent a few pretty pennies in the past, believing that backing a project and seeing it come to fruition in of itself, was reward enough for me. But this ‘project’, makes me feel kinda butthurt. I use Facebook frequently, so without sounding like a complete hypocrite, FB still, does not provide the Virtual immersion experience that I get through platforms like, Minecraft or Second Life. It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out after the  uh, aftermath.

2. Paradise Lost in Second Life~ Basilique Performing Arts Company
Press day was yesterday, and there are only a few tickets left. I’m super excited to read everyone’s reviews. Lots of information in that link so click away!

*Paradise Lost in Second Life Trailers! ~ Canary Beck

3.’s Alphabet ‘Inventory’ Blog Challenge!
Starting April 1st, for 26 days, show off any item in your inventory that begins with that day’s letter.. April 1st’ would be the letter A, and so on and so forth. This should be very very interesting indeed.

4. Shameless and obscene not for profit break

5. Again with the Oculus Rift! Only this time on the posi’ with former LL CEO, Philip Rosedale ~ NWN

6. My favorite sit down fast kine food place to sit down and eat, fast kine food. At least this week.

7. Virtual Bloke’s Dance in Second Life blog post for Strawberry’s Monday Meme/Blog Challenge.
For like the first time in foreverrrrrr…I got 30 seconds of choppy semi decent SL video capture thanks to the mini tutorial he posted in comments at the official challenge.

#%%$!# 500+ words! /me faints.

Featured Items:
Hat: -ATTIC- Straw Fedora Yellow gacha | Kustom9
Hair: *Milk* Moth Balls | Kustom9
Glasses: DirtyMind Round Cherub Sunglasses by Tristion Paine | Kustom9
Sandals: C LessThan0 Sandals Bark2 | The Mens Dept.
Top: AITUI Tee/Federal Art Project
Pants: FATEwear Frost Mountain Peak
Tattoo: Tiki Tattoo Hikueru (Upper Body)
Bag: Gabriel’s Body Bag in brown
Hands/Feet: Slink Male Mesh Relax Hands and Male Mesh Flat Feet
Skin: Tableau Vivant‘ Sean #6

Pose/Prop: XIAJ’ x ZZANG Postman Bike Gacha (rare) by superjaix | Kustom9




  1. Oh, and I’m gonna have to do the Inventory Challenge…Vaneeesa sent me something on it but it came in while I was in busy mode and I’m afraid it’s lost in the depths of my inventory o.O


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