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So Cal


When our teens were yea’ high, we would try to get away from the sogginess that IS Seattle, and head to Cali. One of our favorite stop overs before going on to the naval base in San Diego, was Pismo Beach. So many great memories, of the more formative years of early parenthood.

I happen to catch this SL Destination Guide blog post and have been finding an excuse to get off my parcel. Parts of the region are still under construction, however you can still find many places to ‘soak up the sun’ and a skateboarding park which is right next to an Out ‘N’ In burger joint to boot!

There are also apartments for leasing, ocean view, and the cost isn’t that bad either. (thinks about it). I showed these snapshots to the kids and they especially had a kick out of the pier. Piers and ocean are ingrained in them, and can’t imagine life away from the shore.

Neither can I, soggy or not 🙂

Yellow Buggy Taxi to Southern California

Second Life Destinations Highlight for this Week

Travel SL 52 Blog Challenge | Flickr

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