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Sunday Sevensies 13


Thirteenth week of the year already! And you know what that means! Let me know when you do because I have no clue at the moment -.- Click here for today’s source of awkward random questions. Its an interesting meme, mostly questions for your ‘character’. In this case, my avatar, in first person. ‘Cause third sucks.

1. How do you usually dress?
Like the picture above, only, smarter.

2. What do you smell like? (right now)
Wet dog. Huskies aren’t Pits, but wet dog is wet dog.

3. What is your favorite time of day?
Somewhere between 9am to 11am. Still a bit of a morning chill in the air, but not so cold you can’t function normally. As opposed to functioning at 9am at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. What are some of your more notable merits and flaws?
I lack sustenance which makes a grumpy virtual existence. And when pixel tummies are empty, we snap at our pets, who end up running away, and playing ‘dead’. 

5. Stuck in a waiting room. Which magazine do you pick up?
Thiiiissss oneeee! 

6. How are you with technology?
Fair to wanna-be geek. Not quite at gadget whore yet.

7. Share your favorite read of the week..
Lesson 41 ~ Take the Week Off by PurpleButterfly Lykin.. And I did just that yay!


Have a terrific Sunday and see you all on the flip side of tomorrow~ Aloha!

Featured Items:
1. Outfit: The Library’s Galatea Skirt w/ Galatea Necklaces by Dreamfantasia Nightfire | Genre
2. Headpiece: Anggun & Beppin’s Hevea Headset by Teyara Mayo | L’accessoires
3. Prop: .{yumyums}. Druids Lament | Fae Forest | by Iokko Molko | The Pier Market
4. Necklace: ellabella Nuala’s Circlet | Irish | by Ellantha Larsson | Group Gift
5. Hair: Exile’s Counting Stars | Natural Fusion
6. Hands/Feet: Slink’s Casual Mesh Hands and Flat Barefeet
7. Special Guest: Thor the Husky by A.I. Friends (SL Pets)

Addt’l Credits:
Skin: Glam Affair’s Vera | America
Eyes: Tableau Vivant’s Saturn | Galaxy Eyes
Poses: Posesion’s Cool Sits
Icon’s of Style Moira, Bonnie
Location: Lost Horizon



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  2. I hope you had a peaceful one. Um.. uh… you know they make second showers right? Just thought I throw that out there. I mean, what are friends for right? :**


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  4. purplebutterflylykin says

    Really hope you enjoyed your week off Bumblebee. You gave me such a smile when I saw you’d put my post as your favourite read this week!!! Wow what an honour. Hugs.


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