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Meet me at the river

The thing about sitting on an image or idea for a long time, is that sooner or later that  spark of inspiration fizzles out, or I get lost in the intricacies that’ll make the vision come to fruition. Hopefully, this will get me out of the piscean doldrums, and back down to earth. Enjoy~

Meet me at the River by Bumblebee

The sea foam rises, and with it, my secrets
Dark imaginations, damned inklings, so wicked.
Shall I go to the river?

This ocean is forbidden, for the saved, to seek the hidden
And yet, I search, for something, an answer, a vision
There is no comfort in these waters.
Shall I go to the river?

The current, it whispers softly
The ebb and flow of its deceitful mercy.
There is no end to its path, no goal, no finish line.
Just endless, mindless, floating. Always following.

The rod and staff is said to lead me to comfort
Where I can find rest and repose.
The river, she says, will help me.
So I suppose…
That I should, go.

She tells me of the danger, of staying behind.
“You must fight your way beyond the current
to finish at the finish line!”

Excuses left and right, battles for a wary mind
And all because  I choose to fish, against the wish of the Divine.

“You are a fish silly!”
She has an irritating sense of humor.

The current is strong. Stronger than my will can uphold.
I follow too many desires, I’m trapped in the ebb and flow.

“Come to the river Sister! Refresh your wary soul!
In crossing you will find, that you will be made whole!”

Onward march, forward go, prodding away the chains that bind my soul. 
I hear her subtle calling, as of the winds through boughs and limbs..
She is waiting for me, near the river, myself, my earthly twin.

“Meet me at the River!”

Thank you for stopping by today! And I hope that wasn’t too vague. I should be back on blogging track this next week, as my first life is finally leveling off to a moderate hum.

Many of the items I am wearing for this look are available right now at the Genre’s Merfolk edition for the month of March. The pose set is by Chandni Khondji of HopScotch as well as the nail set and are all featured at this event so do be sure to nab the description  as well as LM in the credits 🙂

Stay tuned for part II of “Meet me at the River”! Aloha for now

Mermaid Accessories: !dM deviousMind‘ Undine mermaid tail in Electric Spectre by Chandra Meehan | Genre
Hairpiece: Distorted Dreams’ Miranda Hairpiece | Genre
Necklace: Eclectica Octopus by Tiffy Vella | Genre
Prop: Lost Junction’ Oceanic Trident by Tala Laval | Genre
Eyes: adoness‘ mermaid havila eyes in aqua by Cruella Pennell | Genre
Hair: EMOtions Windblown in black
Skin: Glam Affair’s Vera
Hands: Slink Bag/Splayed Mesh Hands
Nails: *~*HopScotch*~* Scales Fingernails | Genre
Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* Mer-Warrior (w/tail) by Chandni Khondji | Genre
Windlight: Torley’s Mighty Moon (modded it a bit)



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