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Lara Hurley’s Ivy ~ The Skin Fair 2014

Well hey there, I think I remember you!  The Skin Fair is now open and with it comes an array of designers who are eager to share their latest creations for your bodehh. Couple of links you all have seen around the SL Blogosphere already and in case not:

Skin Fair 2014 Blog
Skin Fair Flickr Pool 

Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2
Skin Fair 3

Here is the post from the blog that has all three sim maps…

I am showcasing a new to me skin by Lara Hurley, Ivy. She comes with freckles, brow/no brow options, hairbase/no hairbase, and hand/feet appliers for Slink Av/e products. A good friend of mine uses many of Lara Hurley’s products, so thought I might try it out. Perfect fit for my shape! hollaaahhh! (sorry too much sun)

Do check out Natalie’s Passion for Fashion for her take on Ivy. 

Also coming this weekend, The Theme Park opens for Spring! Somnia’s Cupio Top is perfect for a short outing to, where are we BumblePug?? (heh, I named him)

I found these lovely cargo-ish shorts from Emporium. Deal breaker? Texture HUD with menneh menehh options! 1000+ pts! The Whore Couture Fair isn’t just for fashion under red lights.. (bad pun)

Okay no more jabber, it’s nearly midnight here in Seattle, and that means..MORE SHOPPING!

Featured Items:
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Ivy (tan) by Lara Hurley for The Skin Fair
Top: Somnia’s Cupios Top (5) by Sanura Snowpaw for The Theme Park (Opens March 15th)
Shorts: EMPORIUM Cut Denim Shorts by Antonia Miller for The Whore Couture Fair (get around much, Bumble??)
Boots: Maitreya’s Stagioni XTD Leather Boots
Hair: Exile’s Bad Reputation
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer’s Jewelled Denim Heart
Bracelet: AITUI Hooked Bracelet
Friend: Birdy’s Puggly~ Bumble Bee for the Arcade Gacha Event (ends March 31st!)
Location: Milkwood



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