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A Bumblebee in Spring

Springtime exploration Checklist with yours truly, Bumblebee:

  • Attain supernatural powers to communicate with wildlife. This comes with defeating the ‘boss’ at level 3.
  • Have a sense of humor. This can be attained after defeating the ‘boss’ at level 15.
  • Find a willing victim friend to take photo-snapshots of with you. Make sure it/he/she has at least 300 mana points.
  • Name your friend, Chocobo something.

  • Must have infinite amount of patience when locating that perfect, um, location.
  • Never hand off your camera to anyone or thing named, Chocobo. Especially when he’s OOM.

  • Remember to be circumspect. Often the best view, is the one you’ve left behind. 
  • Give your pet/friend, Chocobo, this assignment: Find a low cost Blog-Writing Class for you to attend. Preferably one that offers a visual aid, like this.
  • Show off your Spring ‘look of the day’,  bask in the pixelated rays of virtual sunlight. This will get you 100 charisma points.
  • Remember to ‘leave’ wildlife behind, and thank the Sim Owner(s) with a generous donation. Monetary, donation.

And finally, the last thing to remember in all your Second Life blogging adventures with Bumblebee:

  • Remember to smile. Even if your avatar isn’t. (Or ‘our’ avatars, aren’t. Isn’t. Are not. Well I am.)

Congratulations! You have now made it to the Big Leagues!

Featured Items:
Dress: *The Phoenix Collections Anise Dress by Phoenix Narstrom for The Pier Market
Shoes: HUCCI Payson Sandal in Copper by Eboni Khan available, 50% off @ Slink West!
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Sylvia in Jamaica tone by Aida Ewing for Collabor88
Nails: A:S:S Vampire II (for Slink Mesh Hands only) by Photos Nikolaidis (New!)
Hair: LoQ Sherry
Accessoires: MishMash Boo Boo Honey Earrings; Honey Ring
Hands: Slink Casual and Flat Mesh Hands
Feet: Slink High Mesh Feetsies
Poses: {IMEKA} Kristy
Friend: Birdy’s Spring Babes – Bunny Gacha in Chocolate for Chapter Four

Location: It all Starts with a Smile




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