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Double the Fun!

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Because, everybody needs a body to be that somebody to be that body. That we need… for a pose. And cola.
That’s the story, that’s our jam, and we’re stickin’ to it!

The great thing about playing virtual barbie/ken dolls is the part where I never need to feel like I ‘have’ to mold my visceral/visual experience or ‘gameplay’, with anyone else’s. With that said, I’m rather enjoying showing off my ‘kendoll’, including his chicken legs.

Much mahalo and love to Meimei Shiu for inviting MalnZoe over for an afternoon fun-shoot! We’re both sporting superjaix’ 08 Hoodie for this month’s Mens Department. Do visit her blog here, and check out all the prettiful things she is wearing too.

As always thanks for stopping by. You’re always welcome to have a cozey sat, here in the dark recesses of my wonky mind.

Doing a two-fer today soooo we’ll return after these messages…

Featured Items:
Sweater: XIAJ 08 Hoodie by superjaix for The Mens Department
Shorts: FATEwear Steve by Damien Fate
Sandals: [C] LessThan0 Sandal by Covered for The Mens Department
Hat: Every Pixel is Art Fedora by Verone Potez for The Mens Department
Sunglasses: S O R G O Akira Shades by Arscene Dubrovna for The Mens Department
Eyes: Dead Apples’ Striking Eyes in rain by Soleil Reid for The Mens Department
Ears: Mandala’s Steking Mesh Ears by Kikunosuke Eel
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean #6
Facial Hair: Tableau Vivant’s Soul Thin curtain #4 A
Hairbase: AITUI Etched HB Firebird 005
Hands/Feet: Slink Relaxed Mesh Hands; Flat Feet

Furniture: *Available @ The Mens Department*
MudHoney Benson Rug by Rayvn Hynes
MudHoney Cactus Plant
MudHoney Benson Mirrors
MudHoney Benson Chair

oOo Studio Radiant #4 by Olaenka Chesnokov The Mens Department
Stakey Various



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