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Strike a Pose

Been a wee bit behind lately as real life work has finally caught up with this Bumble, so I wanted to at least be able to show off this really neat pose set from Fata Boa (FogLords Creations) called Urban Princess. Just like you all, I’m constantly on the look out for stand alone poses to add, always checking to see if I have to tweak hand positions (via Animare). I really didn’t need to do that here 😀 That’s 10000 pts in my book heh. Do check their latest pose set currently featured at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.. A ‘New to Me’ fashion sales event.

I first saw this event being covered by our blogging buddy, Peep Sideshow, and thought it was time to visit. Here’s a quick description of The Cosmopolitan Club I nabbed from their Facebook:

“We started as Club only,than we add mall and sale room and now we are dedicated to provide you best SL fashion, Exclusives, Events, Fairs and Hunts on grid.”

I’m noticing that more events fashion or non fashion, are starting to utilize social media connections more consistently, keeping them up to date and relevant. That’s important to me, that there’s someone behind the scenes, actually giving a d****. You know? And the folks behind this event have done that very well. Do visit the links in the credits for more information.

I also snuck in a pingback  to Strawberry’s New to Me meme.. as it so happens, this is my first time visiting the SLebrity region. I think we (as in the SL Blogging Community) as a whole, try our best to seek out the new, raw, and cutting edge on a daily basis. I agree we sometimes fall back to what’s comfortable, but I can see where it might get boring eating chicken everyday, no matter what kinda sauce you dip it in heh. Do visit Strawberry’s Blog/Meme Challenges and check out the rest of the New to Me’s.. and us’s.

Thanks for stopping by on your busy week, and really, if you need a shopping buddy? Or just someone to pal around with, feel free to hit me up! (Not upside the head tho..)

Featured Items:
Poses: Eternal Dream‘ Urban Princess by Fata Boa for The Cosmopolitan Sales Room
@ Facebook
@ Flickr
Taxi to SLebrity!
  Pics By Peep by Peep Sideshow
Collar: *Glam Affair Embellished Ruffle Collar (slate orchid) for FaMESHed
Wallet: Le Primitif’ Leather Wallet in plum for FaMESHed
Shoes: Hucci’ Group Gift Payson Sandals
Top: DRIFT Texas Tea Top
Skirt: DRIFT Poofy Skirt Sequins
Hair: Truth’s Tyr (new!)
Skin: *Glam Affair’s Aria Combo 1 H for The Arcade Gacha Event
Nails: *Wicked Peach’ Melody (Slink Addon)


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