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Welcome Aria!

Welcome back to today’s two part series for Access Your Eyes, because two is a magical number and is <3.

I think I’m coming off of a caffeine spike -.- Focus Bumble!

About a week or so ago, Aida Ewing (Glam Affair) shared Aria’s teaser pic for the upcoming March Arcade Gacha Fair. Since then, I’ve seen/read comments, opinions, rants and the like, calling ‘Aria’ everything from ‘So so Cute!’ to ‘Omgawd she’s way too young’. (NOT the exact words, but you get the gist yah?)

Great thing about opinions, is that they’re just like **********… everyone’s got one.

When Evie was first released, I did the good girl thing, and tried the demo, found that it didn’t feel/look right and I think it had a lot to do with the eye crease lid.. shape.. thing. Even when I increased the crease (lol ouch), my shape still rejected Evie.

Not so with Aria! Woot woot hollah! (sorry) She may have Asian subtleties,  but I never once touched my lids, crease thing. So its actually quite easy to give her an evening look, that befits a lady in her own right (thank you very large), and just as easy to give her a splatter of freckles for that ruddy, sunshiney, outdoorsey, look as well.

Great thing about Second Life avatar shapes…every one has one 😀

Here’s the official vendor add for Aria, do take a peek and see what is available as far as commons and rares.  She will be up for gacha grabs soon, for the upcoming March Arcade Gacha Fair, March 1st! to be exactemundo.

This concludes Access Your Eyes. I hope you all have a fantastic week, and you’re always welcome here at Cozey.

Featured Items:

Skin: *Glam Affair Aria (gacha) for The Arcade Gacha Fair, March 1st!
Hair: Exile’ Maylee, Lazy Summer (New!)
Analog Dog’s Placebo (New!)
Truth’s Ainsley
Necklace 1: lassitude & ennui Signature Necklace 2013
2: Pure Poison Lucrezia
3. *Zibska’s Amorette (gacha) for L’accessoires
Lashes: MC Falsies
Eyes: Ikon


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