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Never forget where I’m from

You’ve heard and read, that you can take the girl from the country, but you can’t take the country from the girl. Today I’m fixin’ to borrow that with a tropical twist of my own.

You can take the girl from the island, but you can’t take the island from the girl.

I’ve always been one to shy away from labels, particularly when describing folks and their doings. Earlier today I read an article that brought out my inner ‘tita’. (This is the hawaiian version of a frothing at the mouth aunty who you just called the “B” word. Never mind that she’s chasing you with her canoe paddle)

Over all the read was informative and thought provoking. Made me take a moment to do some SL-blog-self-evaluation.. again.

  • Am I writing, because I’m bored?
  • Do I take pictures because I’m bored?
  • Is the content of my blog, boring?
  • Am I an overindulgent wanna-be fashionisterrr, who spends money for virtual products.. because she’s bored?
  • Should I re name this blog, “Bored Mother of Three with a Second Life Addiction”? (oh that one stings for real)
  • Am I guilty of everything the article says is wrong with the SL Blogosphere community?

Well no body ever said self evaluating was a bad thing. So I remember quite vividly why I ‘bothered’ to dip my proverbial toe into this part of Second Life. Outside of the grid. Where there’s no real time communication (local chat/im)…here we scroll, peruse, ‘read’, the written word at our own leisure, on our own time. Where we volunteeringly, (like that?) and willingly jot down anything from jabber like this… to mile long credits.

I dipped because, the water looked good, clean, pure and fun. No doubt, there will always be a label to describe the groups, nuances, communities within our chosen virtual world. But I’m just as happy being a fellow resident of Second Life, who happens to have a blog.

Aloha till next time~ And, oh yeah! I went so far back as to wear system layers and flexi… how’s that for a plot twist?

No forget the nice furnitures too! Not typical tropical but very close, at least near the coast yah?

And the mile long list! Really, its a miracle you made it this far down 😀 1000’s points for you!

Crepe Boho Dress Set (non mesh) by Candace Hudson for HUDSON Clothing Co.
EarthStones Cayuse Necklace and Bracelet in moss agate
*Glam Affair Bohemian Romance in senape for Collabor88
DeLa Tamara Hair (First time I try! and I love itttt)
*Glam Affair’s Sylvia (F) new! for Collabor88 (she’s very pretty btw in’t she?)
Ikon Spectral eyes moor
Slink Casual/Flat Mesh Hands
Poses: Ma Vie’s Rock Chick 7 & 5 for the Theme Park
Imeka’s Bonnie
Location: Shack on da beach!

*Koastal Living’ Hermosa Living Room Set by Kris Juneau

Hermosa Sofa (xpose engine)
Hermosa Coffee Table
Hermosa Star Fish Frame
Hermosa Triple Candle Surfboard
Hermosa Floor Rug
Hanging Surfboard
Hermosa Crate Shelves
Hermosa Box Wall Art
Hermosa Wood Carved Mirror

*Koastal Living’ Hermosa Shark Bite Desk Set

Hermosa Sharkbite Desk
Hermosa Office Chair
Hermosa Laptop
Hermosa Desk Lamp
Hermosa Cell & Keys

Addt’l Credz

Naima Polynesian Luxury Bungalow by Naiman Broome



  1. A wonderful post, I love the pictures and I think I need all that furniture, or to at least visit it all and pick lots of things. I hope that the thinking was a good thing, you seem to fit the Blogger category really well, even though I too am not usually into labeling. xoxSasyxox


    • The thinking was definitely a good thing Sasy! The minute I think this is all ‘work’, ya’ll have my permission to drop kick me LOL ❤


  2. “Fashionisterrr”, ahahaha!

    I don’t mind that article AT ALL.

    I dipped because I have all these houses and furniture, and I needed to er…justify why I bought them. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. XD Because hiding them in my inventory makes me feel guilty about my pixel shopping trip. If I didn’t blog, I have no reason to add another sofa set to my ten other sofa sets in my inventory now, would it? Now, my excuse is “well, I’m buying this because, yunno, blog” (whether I er..*cough* end up blogging it or not *cough* is a different matter. The intention was there when I bought it, ok! *coughingfit*) Am I convincing you my shopaholic reasons as weakly as I am convincing myself? HAHAHA!

    Do you miss Hawaii? 😀


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