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Prim and Unproper

When my girls were little, some of my  ‘young mommy’ friends and I used to take our daughters to High Tea events in our area. We would learn things like proper posture, proper grooming, proper chewing even. It was a frivolous venture, an excuse to dress them all up and get out of the house.

We laughed , belly ached, we spilled tea, we crumbled cookies where crumbles aren’t supposed to be crumbled. There were broken tea cups, sometimes broken tears. Mostly there was always joyous tinkling laughter.

During my breaks at work, I find the time to catch up with all of my favorite reads, my SL blog idols. Mostly I take away inspiration for the next shoot, color swatch ideas, styling techniques, lighting techniques…etc etc.

I was going to use these picture collages for something entirely different. Promote several events happening around the grid, same o, same o.

Then I read this. And like you all, had to stop and think for a moment.

These reads always remind me of how open we are to the entire world, through our blogs. We get judged for our non traditional, non conforming style of writing, we’re often lumped together and ignored by the general population. Its a labor of love shared by a community who are connected in a most unconventional way.

And connected we are. 

The prim and proper of Second Life blogging, can take a hike for today. If I could invite you all to a High Tea, I rather like thinking you walk away with cookie crumbles where crumbles aren’t supposed to be, dried up crackling tears, new laugh lines, new connections and above all joyous tinkling laughter ~

“Classy is sexting UNDER the table, rather than with your elbows on the table.” Anonymous

Image 1:

E-Clipse Funky Black Peace Top for Limited Bazaar
E-Clipse Funky Black Peace Jeans for Limited Bazaar
Distorted Dreams Malkavian Dreams Ring/Necklace for The Surreal Complex
Ilaya Disco Bandeau for Style Icon
*no.7 Butterfly Mask (rare), Feather Mask (rare), Black Lace Mask Gachas for L’accessoires
Beautiful Truffla Tree (pink/purple) for The Surreal Complex
Beautiful Moon Chair for The Surreal Complex
*Glam Affair’s Sylvia (no brow) skin (new!)
Analog Dog’s Mode Hair (new!)
Slink Casual/Elegant1 mesh hands
Izzie’s Metallic Nails (slink add/on)
Ikon Spectral Eyes, Moor

Image 2:

*Queen Love Pink hat gacha for L’accessoires
*la petite morte alphabet charm gacha (rare) for L’accessoires
*MiWardrobe Little Hearts Handbag gacha for L’accessoires
*Essenz Sao Paulo Heels for ‘The Feeling’ (Feb. 15th -25th)
coldLogic’ omara dress
Truth’s Coral Hair
*Glam Affair’s Sylvia Skin (new!)
Poses: Embody’s Cutie (pack)
Location: Lost Horizon



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