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Trust Fall



Well I couldn’t nab a photo partner… willingly at that. So mr Male Alter Ego, got himself some new skin from Tableau Vivant, a cute punky hairdid from Iruco and welps, Happy Valentine’s Day fellow lurkers 😀

So what’s the deal with all the roaring pink, Bumble?

The original windlight I had on was Annan Adored’s Red Moments. Then I messed around with the ambient sliders just for fun. Not so red anymore. Now its a blazing hot pink, and I think, whaaaattt the? The stars are from HopScotch and available at The Surreal Complex, same event I bought this unique pose set from Stakey. Have ya been?? Its surreal mannn^^

Never be afraid to experiment with colors and camera angles in real life photography or Second Life captures. I know in of myself that these aren’t the greatest, the crops are horrendous, the styling is mediocre, and then there’s the pink. Bottom line, however is that I had FUN, while taking these.

And that has been and always will be the focus of my Cozey Second Life. Plus, it makes the Trust fall all the more easier to handle~

On Mal:

Tableau Vivant’s Kevin Skin (Tone 5) for Collabor88
Iruco Hair #27
Kauna Tuxedo Trousers in black
Slink Relax/Grip Mesh Hands
Slink Flat Mesh Feetsies for men
Kosh Aidan Ring

On Wendz:

*Couture’d Bacon’ ‘Dangerous Girl’ Tempest Tank Dress for The Pier Market
*Azoury’ Essentiel Black Necklace Gacha for L’accessoires
*Glam Affair Starlett Lashes and Star Liner Gacha for L’accessoires
*Glam Affair Sylvia Cheeks #3 (Part of Sylvia Skin Pack) New!
*Glam Affair Sylvia Eyes Makeup #2 (Part of Sylvia Skin Pack) New!
Glam Affair Valentine’s Day Skin (VIP Gift)
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
EMOtions Romance Hair

Pose: Stakey’s Forever Holding On for The Surreal Complex
 *~*HopScotch*~* Catch me a Star for The Surreal Complex



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  2. Now see? My first glance was…. everyone has an SL “other” but me… and all i can add is your SL other is a handsome feller and your photography and style is excellent as always. 😀 I’ma jayloos Cow… xo


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