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Candlelit Dinner

I haven’t been this excited over wings since these came out, and even before then, one feather looked like any other. Enfant Terrible’s featured Gacha rarity for this month’s L’accessoires, is fun and elegance all wrapped up in one clever, CLEVER idea/concept.

This is Second Life at its core. Creative, imaginative and FUN! I had fun, actual tangible fun taking these snapshots! and yes it did help that there were barely any clothes on!

For Valentine’s day, I picked a couple of meme-ish type questions, on my tumblr that looked fun to do. Feel free to answer for yourself in the comment section while I fix us up with a nice hot toddy, and do scroll through the credits for more details.

1. Have you ever been “friendzoned”? Yes. It’s not as painful as folks make it out to be. What’s friendzoned, precious? Welp, folks, its that awkward moment when ‘crush’ says, “I like you, as a friend”. Think, Forrest Gump and his Jenny. That’s 15 years+ of friendzone.

2Would you consider yourself “clingy”, “overly attached” or “jealous”? I graduated from clingy to jealous and had a masters in overly attached. At the moment, I’m in retirement. Us oldies call this phase the, “We don’t give a flying truck no more”, phase. There are badges to be earned and burned however.

3. Who is your celebrity crush? At the moment, I blush every chance I get to watch Sir Gwaine in BBC’s Merlin. I know.. his, hair! And stuff 😀

4.Are you a hopeless romantic?  I used to be! Back in the day, 2007 looking for pixel manflesh dreaming and drooling over wedding gowns on Xstreet. Who wasn’t? Seriously though, I’ve become more practical with age sadly. Like if I had to choose between bottled water and tap, I’d choose the tap. (NO idea where that came from)

5. Most Romantic thing you’ve ever done? Jumped off of this cliff, into the waiting arms of my very first boyfraaandd. My idea of romantic these days is no kids in the house and the space heater all to ourselves.

So the hot toddy is ready, and I am here to serve. Thanks for visiting and aloha till next time!

Featured Items:
*Aesthetica Beauvoir Eternal Horns Gacha (rare) for L’accessoires
*.Enfant Terrible’ Candle Light Dinner Chandelier Wings Gacha (goth/rare) for L’accessoires
Hucci Oria Suede Sandals (new!)
Ilaya Disco Bandeau and Mesh Panties in Noir for With Love
Kunglers Extra Silver Bracelets (TDRF #031)
Kosh Lotus Bracelet
Truth London Hair
Glam Affair Vera #7
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Slink High Mesh Feetsies

Pose/Prop: Kalopsia Red Riding Hood Chair for Enchantment SL



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