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Satiated, Satisfied



It’s been a while since I’ve ventured into elementary poetry. Feel free to scroll down and skip the nuances to the credits I sure won’t be offended hehe

Satiated and Satisfied by Bumblebee

Said the little darling girl to the Radiant Red Queen,

“I have nothing more to give, there is nothing more to see.

My wish, my desire is to seek and inquire,

Thy merciful grace, to save me, a poor lonely child”

Satisfied and satiated, comes forth a contented sigh,

Pale lips parted, to utter words of death and life.

Bright eyes that gaze through the child’s bedraggled state.

And silence among thieves, for the Queen proclaims a wondrous fate.

“Child, you are but altogether undone.

You have fought against my rabble, you have shamed my violent ones.

Because of your chivalry, and  untiring ways,

I commend you for your bravery, I applaud your trusting ways.

You have conquered me, child. Your enemies are no more…

Leave at once! And find your long lost soul!”

Says the little darling girl to the Radiant Red Queen,

“And I shall say a prayer for you, dear honorable and cold,

That one day you will remember my wishes in bold.

For my pitiful thanks, your memory will fade,

but take comfort, my Father shall come to your aide.”

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