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Jokes’ on Me!

I’ve been procrastinating doing this meme for a long time sooo without further a doodad, here’s DJ Deryk Blackheart with our first Cozey interview. Be sure to check out the rest of Strawberry Singh’s Blog/Meme Challenges at

Deryk Blackheart:  Hello everyone.  I’m Deryk Blackheart. As a popular rock DJ, and a damn good looking one, if I do say so myself, I attract a lot of attention. The combination of my charisma, my velvet voice, and my heavenly body ensure that I am never at a loss for conversation. One of the people I enjoy talking with is Wendz.  Wendz, why don’t you tell the people what attracted you most to me when we met?

/me hums “Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” softly while he waits for her answer

Wendz Tempest: “Your voice.” Herein lies the unabashed truth, you were complaining of a migraine, and I had compassion on you oh ye of little medicine.

Deryk Blackheart: I do have a voice that has attracted more than it’s fair share of attention. It’s quite amusing actually, since when Deryk was first born, he was a dancer and his primary mode of communication was emoting. In fact, one of the first times I talked with Wendz was during a sort of impromptu emoting session with some of the dancers at The Velvet Manor. And I am pretty good at it, judging by the reactions I used to get….wouldn’t you agree Wendz?

Wendz Tempest: yeah yeah sure.. its really warm in here. Chair’s kinda uncomfortable. OH LOOK, the sun is out.

Deryk Blackheart: I need to make a note to myself to increase my investment in Duracell soon.

Wendz Tempest: Give me a minute to process that. OHHH I get it.

Deryk Blackheart: Well, in addition to emoting and using my dead sexy voice to my advantage, I also love to write.  I’ll leave it to you to imagine what type of writing I do.

Wendz Tempest: Im me.

Deryk Blackheart: You liked my writing, didn’t you kitten?

Wendz Tempest: Oh my word, look at the time!

Wendz Tempest: So let me ask you a few questions of my own Mr. Bronzey Tight End.

Deryk Blackheart: me….my favorite topic

Wendz Tempest:  How did you first come to Second Life?

Deryk Blackheart: I was a refugee from The Sims Online, a short lived version of the Sims from EA, where I worked a few years ago. At the time, TSO was waning and other names like There, and Second Life were gaining attention. So I decided to go see what all the fuss was about and I created my first avi, Tom Marten, in December of 2003. Wandered around lost, not fully appreciating at the time how much fun SL could be.

Wendz Tempest:  What do you do to have fun? Besides being teleported to various shopping venues.

Deryk Blackheart: I still like to DJ, and I have a few friends with clubs, so if I really want to, it’s pretty easy to get a gig. I also love to build and lately, I seem to be someone’s favorite dress up doll for taking pictures.

Wendz Tempest: You bet your bottom I like dressing you up! One last question. What are your plans for Valentine’s day?

Deryk Blackheart: Himitsu.

Wendz Tempest: ugh shoves you

Deryk Blackheart: 🙂 that’s why she scowls at me.

Wendz Tempest: Close the gate, roll the credits!

On Deryk:
Lapointe Bastchild Modern Black Open Mesh 2013 Tuxedo Set /Claret v4
Amacci Hair Steve
Unique Megastore Skin’ Jeffrey
Unique Megastore Shape Apollo (mod)
Inspire 11 Natural Green Eyes

On Wendz
Pure Poison’s Valentina Gown
Pure Poison’s Red & Gold Wilda Necklace
Baiastice Yara Clutch
LoQ Chinese Hair
Action Nouveau Nail HUD
Glam Affair’s Vera
Glam Affair’s Couture Eyeliner #2
Glam Affair’s Prezioso Lipstick #22
Mon Cheri Falsies Lashes
Slink Casual Mesh Hands

Poses: Posesion’s Couple Poses Mon Amour and Luxury; oOo Studio Park Seven



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