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A Cougar’s Den

In my very lame attempt to give my sis a good dose of the giggles, I present Bumblebee in Cougar’s Den  kitchen. She asked that I not burn down the house. And I kept my word. Did I forget to turn off the stove-top? Your next Virtual power bill is on me 🙂

Despite that pathetic look on my face (oi, I never knew prepping prim cookies were this difficult!), I wanted to show sis’ kitchen off for myself. When I was a young mum, and the keikiis were dinky dudes, I used to pour over home and decor magazines. Dreamt of one day having something as glorious as this. I absolutely adore this part of Cougar’s home. For me, it is the heart of Lost Horizons…

I’ve not had any passion to ‘blog’ home decor, gardening, per se. I’ll leave that to you professionals. But here is a wonderful example of why I admire ya’ll. Country, comfy, and most definitively, Cozey. A mix and match scene of mesh and prim… all lovingly placed by an even lovelier woman. The placements alone, exude feelings of altogether-ness. These are the kinds of ‘spaces’ that makes you feel good deep down inside. Some place to come home to, heal, mend..and to just, be.

Now, if you would like the exhaustive (lol literally!) list of items and credits of everything in the den from Cougar herself, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind sharing 😀

In the mean time, I’mmm gonna sit here and finish this post a` la mobile, waiting for those ono-licious prim chocolate chip cookies. I sure hope she doesn’t mind the dirty dishes O.O

Featured Items:
*Couture’d Bacon’s Sunny Shrug Dress for The Pier Market
**~*HopScotch*~* Kiss the cook Red Cupcake Ovenmitt and Apron for My Attic
Half Deer’s Obel Sneakers Gacha for The Chapter Four
Maitreya Flare Jeans #2
Truth’s Elody Hair
Slink’s Casual Mesh Hands
Action’s Nouveau Nail (HUD) for The Cosmetic Fair
Glam Affair’s Angelica Skin #11
Pose/Prop: *~*HopScotch*~* I’m Back
Sari-Sari’s Feminine Pose d1
Embody’s Talk to Me Phone
Location: Lost Horizon 
(by the way sis..burnt moaners stocked in fridge for you)



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  2. Burnt moaners? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I can see cooking lessons on the horizon 🙂 Love it all and I didn’t mind doing the dishes you left in the sink. Thank you for the wonderful comments on the kitchen. Must remember to look for a fire extinguisher for the kitchen just in cases…


  3. Pfft, pfft, PFFFFT! You photograph H&G like you ARE a professional! Amazing pics and Cougar, that is an absolute dream kitchen! I grew up with family and close friends congregating around the kitchen table. The living room was reserved for business conversations and the rare stranger who dropped by. And it was just understood that those close friends and family didn’t have to knock; they just walked in, helped themselves to a cup of coffee and whatever had been recently baked.

    I must say, my Mama never made prim cookies, though! 😉


    • Thank you Peep^^

      I wish I lived in an area where even my family were comfortable enough to come in without knocking. But having a baked good and a cuppa, now that’s timed honored tradition ♥


  4. I agree with Peep, gorgeous and funny. But um, if anything starts moaning in my kitchen I’ma gonna run out the door and never look back! Oven on or not. Hehe loved this post. Now gimmeeeee some unburnt moaners! :D. ♡


  5. spunknbrains says

    I’m with Cao, if anything starts to moan I’m leaving the kitchen. lol Great pictures! Your pixels make the cutest faces in your posts. Mine looks horrible why I hardly ever use them.


  6. purplebutterflylykin says

    I wanna come play in Cougar’s kitchen! Like everyone has said, GREAT photos.


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