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The Elegance of Ambiance

Ambient Occlusion... a luxury I have not wanted to taste of since the middle of last year. For some inane reason, my SL viewer of choice, went loco during a snapshoot, and I came out with images that were at best, a black splotchy mess. Has this ever happened to ya’ll?

“Da heck is AO, Bumble?”
“Oooo gurl, it done look like you is gon’ talk all uppity now!”
“Ermegerrdd where did you get those fabbbb chews?!”
“I think you should talk in laying man’s terms..”

Heh, don’t mind them. They think they’re cute but really, they’re just hyped on caffeine.

And soo, AO (not animation override) simply is a process your puter goes through to render 3D images, better. I call it, the cool maths, because every time I enable it on Second life, I have to get a fan, to cool down my CPU.. get it.. cool maths? Okay that was bad I know. When AO is enabled in our viewers (or in any 3D platform for that matter) the lighting is diffused, and we’re able to see shadows (avatar, furnitures, hands, plants, buildings, etc) from all directions, rather than one direction.. aha no puns? 😛

So think of it as lighting from direct sunlight/moonlight/lightsource, as opposed to an overcast sky.. milkier vs sharp.

“Hehehhehehh, hehehehe.. she said, milkier…ehehehehe”

Our viewers are then able to use the ambient lighting to render a more realistic scene. I used to wonder how SL Photographers got their images to look like this, like my favorite version of COD. Ambient Occlusion was the how. The pictures I took here are all raw non edited captures, with the exception of cropping/collaging. Most of the collages I have are rarely touched up for that matter.

So Bumble, you’re a bit late to the game, what’s this article all about anyway?

Only that, I enabled AO again. So far the black splotches aren’t that bad this time around… andddd I haven’t had to grab the fan, yet. That’s pretty nifty for me 😀

“Says the girl who thinks ‘nifty’ is still fetch, pfft!

On Wendz:
[glow studio] Athena Dress for The Dressing Room Fusion
*Elysium Greta Flower Hat in noir
*Sax Shepherd Designs’ Spirit of Giving Diamond Jewelry Set (Gift)
Sax Shepherd Design’s Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos (New! Slink add on)
Loq Bacardi Hair for The Dressing Room Fusion
Glam Affair’s Vera #3
Glam Affair’s Prezioso Lipstick #20
Glam Affair’s Couture Eyeliner #2
Mon Cheri’s Falsies Lashes
Ikon’s Spectral Eyes in moor
Slink Casual/Elegant1 Mesh Hands
Slink High Feet Mesh

On Mal:
Every Pixel is Art (epia)’s Formal Business Suit in gray (New)
Every Pixel is Art (epia)’s Dress Shoes in brown
Hebenon’s The Minimalist Piercings for male
Kosh Adain Ring
Iruco’s 17M hair
Iruco’s Ati Sunglasses #04
Tableau Vivant’s DamonII for The Men’s Department
Ikon’s Spectral Eyes, industrial
Slink Relax Male Mesh hands

Sari Sari’s A Night Out for The Theme Park
Other Credits:
D-Lab’s Forest Series Tree #3
D-Lab’s taru
22769’s bauwerk‘ The Flying Hall center plaza for The Fantasy Collective
The Loft’s Wrought Iron Planter (gift)

Barcelona; HK Custom



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  2. Since I got Esteban, I am without AO as seldom as I am my AO, and I love it! Just walking around and seeing shadows is such a treat. I used to have to reserve this only for photo shoots. These days I only turn it off when I finally manage to get into Collabor88 or The Arcade in the first couple of days…which ain’t often!


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