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A Silvery kind of Day

The sun came out today and it felt so good. I’ve been procrastinating lately in both lives, almost on a wayward cloud, that’s just hovering over a sturdy mountaintop. Not sure whether to follow the wind, or dissipate and come down to earth. So I’ve been content just existing for now.

Almost feel like that gumption I had earlier this month is on hold for something spectacular, what? I dunno yet. I love scouring through all my favorite reads, liking and sharing my favorite pictures, its been relaxing just to admire everyone’s work lately. A good blogging buddy of mine just celebrated her first blogversary, and it got me all nostalgic, flipping through image after nooby image on my puter.

It’s down right humbling to know, that no matter how much we think we know, we really have just touched the tip of the iceberg. There are levels still yet to explore, horizons we cannot see… blessings we have not yet attained. Ya’ll we’s just itty bitty dots on this big ole’ pool we call the Blogosphere.  But I am sure glad we’re not alone 🙂

You know even from up here in procrastination station, I can see a clear path back home, back to purpose. So in the meantime, I’ll keep soaking in all of this good sunshine, get my dose of inspiration. Because life in either realms, ought never be lived without it.

Senzafine’ Rosalie Vintage Dress in sterling for The Theme Park
Distorted Dreams Tory Necklace in silver for The Fantasy Collective
Kungler’s Extra Silver Bracelets for The Dressing Room Fusion #031
Truth’s Bryn Hair (new)
Glam Affair’s Vera #7
Slink Elegant and Casual Mesh Hands
Mon Cheri’s Falsies Lashes
Ikon Spectral Eyes, Ice
Poses: Di Opera’s No Reason (set)
Location: Vipera



  1. Ya know we all pay a visit to “procrastination station” from time to time (I’m the station master, btw 😉 ). Sometimes all it takes is a bit of sunshine – real or virtual – to get us to punch our tickets and move on. You are definitely one of those rays in my journey. You are a beautiful person and it shows, not just in your lovely photographs, but in how you live your life. ♥


  2. I’ve been buried by it. I ama hibernating Cao. I think the honest thing is listen to your biological clock, don’t force it and let life live. Spring rejuvenates. 😀


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