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Grumble, Storax Tree, [free bird] for The Pier Market

Tsk tsk Tuesday Tardiness, Bumblebee… The Pier Market Event is officially underway~ Some great items to be had in this inaugural round, including designs from Grumble, [free bird] as well as offerings for Home ware with Storax Tree. Do be sure to peruse Pier Market’s Flickr group and Seraphim SL to see the entire collection.

I’m quite surprised at the quality of the content at TPM, for example, Storax Tree is a furniture brand that’s new to me, and their set for this round is quite ‘chic’ even for a vintagey hog like myself.

Always room for improvement eh? Why, this week is sure to aid all of us, new and seasoned bloggers alike, in the knowledge and edumacation of such things like, in world HUDS, viewer preferences, and snapography tips. I’ve included my semi-unadulterated contribution to this week’s Berry Memey Challenge… see if there’s any sense in this juicy conundrum.

This is my desktop, short and stout. Here is my taskbar, there is my mouse screen tip. That’s a hot mess that is. Call it a belated practical joke maybe 🙂 My tools of choice (ha!) haven’t changed much since the last time wrote about them. So I decided to show you all the glorious windows options, that my choice of viewer has to help me in my quest for image gold… rust.

These are all self explanatory. The Windlight settings aren’t ideal in this viewer, I prefer the Official’s RGB rainbow thingie. Uhmm what else. I’ve used the same AO for years, the popular Oracul’ Pure Lady.. I see this one all the time out there. Unnerving watching your neighboring avie with the same movements. Might have to delve into a custom made  AO/HUD ya’ll make it sound so easy.

I most always turn off Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field. It does make the image less 3D ish, but its just faster for me on this computer. I usually make my own WL settings on the Official Viewer and they get saved on both  simultaneously which is nifty. Letsee what else… there’s Gyazo on my taskbar no wait that’s not SL.

Have ya’ll read enough already about Animare and Pose Anywhere? I got these because of Strawberry’s reviews. That is why she is the queen of blog-dom and we are the humble students lol. Forgot to add my eyeball HUD, those are very useful when focusing, eyeballs.

OH and face emoters/Smile HUDs! I found a freebie Smile/Emote HUD on marketplace and it is what Mal and Glinda have. I use one that came with a wedding pose set, and they have the same facial expressions as the one above.

Thank you for stopping by today and being patient with the read. Be sure to check out the rest of Strawberry’s latest meme, might find a new gadget to tinker with!

May the rest of your week bring both joy and peace in triumph, through sorrow, and when you lay your head to bed till you rise to a brand new day.

Featured Items:
*[free bird] Jersey Hoodie in red, for The Pier Market
erratic sally zipperskirt
*Grumble Cyber Stud Boots in Black for The Pier Market
*Grumble Cyber Pack in red, for The Pier Market
Sorgo Teflon Shades for The Mens Department
Maxi Gossamer Disco Lover Cross Earrings and Rings
Mijn botique accessoires’ Crossed Bangles
Truth Delta Hair
Glam Affair Neva Skin #3
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Action Nails Nouveau for The Cosmetic Fair

*Storax Tree’ Mod Chic Sofa in black cherry for The Pier Market
*Storax Tree’ Mod Chick Ottoman in black for The Pier Market
Additional Pose: Ma Vie Lumineux #9



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