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Simply Sensible

So maybe wearing cornrows with a vintage column dress isn’t technically sensible. But what the ‘fetch’, I love it. I am still giddy over boo Nakamura’s latest Hair release. This particular updo I think I can get away in this look no? A couple of my ‘guy’ friends told me to take it off, “It’s ooglyfied”. And I had the sense to ignore the comments and told them to take a virtual hike up their pixelated hinderparts.

And how about that dress?? Rarely are we disappointed with anything from Onyx LeShelle :O The lace detail is so intricately done, I am left wanting.. for more! I did pick up the pearl/collar necklace combo as well, the collar isn’t pictured here, but it is a great addition. Another time perhaps.

This whole, “trying to shop sensibly” thingamajigger, is like wading through virtual jello. And doggone it..I love jello.

Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown, delicate for Collabor88
Maitreya Vintage Pearl Necklace, seashell for Collabor88
Le Primitif Larrieux Bracelet and ring for The Chapter Four
Gos Boutique Paris Peeptoes, nude satin
booN MIE355 Hair New! (Hairbase not included)
booN cornrows Hairbase w/ skin HUD New!
Belleza Ria, pale skin for Collabor88
Mon Cheri Falsies Lashes
Ikon Ascension Eyes, black
Slink Casual and Relaxed Mesh Hands
Location: The Beguiled Just an altogether GREAT place to come for inspiration and the occasional snapshoot! Rezzing is allowed.



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  2. Gorgeous! I managed to only buy that dress in one colour. I guess that’s the low fat version of Jello?

    Oh, and I went to BooN today to try on that hair after I saw you blogged it. It just didn’t work for me (insert pouty face here 😦 )


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