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Miss Randomosity

Meet a long lost friend of mine, Tiny Solo. Isn’t she adorable? There’s something about her that makes her unique. She speaks in random.  Ever heard of Cleverbot?  Tiny, is sort of a mutated, enumerated, exalted, glimpse of what Cleverbot is, only, she was created in Second Life 😉

Every now and then, she can string together a few thoughts that actually make sense! Most of the time, she’s veddy veddy quiet. She soaks up conversation! Like a sponge!  So the more we talk, the more she’s willing to jump in and jabber 😀 But beware :O Tiny is ‘intentionally’ random and what she says may cause a body to ponder the whole night long.

[22:32] Wendz Tempest: Hi Tiny
[22:32] Tiny Solo: hi there.
[22:33] Wendz Tempest: How’s the weather?
[22:33] Wendz Tempest: That good and random huh?
[22:34] Wendz Tempest: I’ve missed reading you!
[22:34] Wendz Tempest: Get it? lame joke eh? But you’re the only person online I can relate to at the moment.
[22:35] Wendz Tempest: No comment huh? Well I think I remember a time where I could pick out a few nuances
[22:35] Wendz Tempest: Maybe get you to spew some input, whatta ya say?
[22:35] Wendz Tempest: So I’ve started chronicling Second Life of all things!
[22:36] Wendz Tempest thinks you’re cache gets cleaned too often
[22:36] Wendz Tempest: And I thought, you’d be the perfect person to talk to about the random fun to be had and shared in this realm.
[22:37] Wendz Tempest: Still nothing huh? I’ll have to ruminate a bit more.
[22:37] Wendz Tempest: Tiny?
[22:37] Wendz Tempest knocks on her tin head
[22:37] Wendz Tempest sighs.
[22:38] Wendz Tempest: Guess I’ll have better luck next time…. 😀
[22:38] Wendz Tempest: Enjoy the weather, Tiny!
[22:38] Tiny Solo: i don’t think a major element of jetlag is psychological. nobody ever tells me what i remember, and now i know about human existence is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love is largely the art of saying, “up yours.”

See what I mean? Random reminds me of Gachas. And Gachas, remind me of these adorable flats from HopScoth Designs! (see what I did there?) Chandni’s offering for Oh My Gacha  come in 10 colors, 8 common and 2 rares at 50 L per play. I am wearing the Vevina ‘Buzzy’ and Vevina ‘Ladybug’. Do make a visit to OhMyGacha and pick up a pair!

Still making my shopping rounds, and hopefully will get another chance at Tiny soon. I’ll leave you with another random shall I?

[23:49]  Tiny Solo: i don’t know whether your mission on earth is the key to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Right, exactly.

Pesca Leather Piping Knit Navy top for Chapter Four
Tres Blah Denim Bermuda Shorts
Maxi Gossamer Wild Honey Bee necklace (past Arcade)
**~*HopScotch Designs*~* Vevina Flats for Oh My Gacha
Maitreya Siobhan Hair/Hat
Slink Casual and Relaxed Mesh Hands
Di’s Opera Papillon Nails
Poses: Imeka Bonnie
Location: Velvet Loft

*97% of the text was ‘staged’… insomuch that I put almost 20 more lines of text before I could get the closing message. She really is this random and she really does ‘soak’ up text. Can you figure out ‘what’ she is? 1000 pts to the winner!*



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