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Back to.. SLife

Back to virtuality…

Back to the here and now…

C’mon, you know you wanna sing 😉

Those blessed holiday work hours are finally over. On to better horizons! A simple vision really, hopefully. Raising teenagers in this present day, has taught me somewhat, the fine art of balancing time. At the moment, I am found wanting haha! This past year’s theme for my own life, was to keep things as simple as possible. And it worked. A good friend of mine from here, told me once, “Don’t let the game play you, you play the game”.

Out of context, that looks rather heartless doncha think? But he said this during a time where I let others control/influence whatever I did here, for the sake of pleasing them. For favor, for gain, for attention, maybe even for self validation. The lesson has been learned. And so ends a virtual lifetime of searching for that elusive contentment, we all try to find in this realm. We are not a game.. insomuch as we ‘use’ this ‘game’ as a ‘tool’ to explore the creative imaginations of real people. People who become our real friends.

It’s amazing what a little time and perspective can do. And I’ve decided that, I am utterly and magically enthralled once again, with the limitless possibilities of this ‘game’ we all call, Second Life.

Hucci Necocli Dress in Titanium by Eboni Khan
Hucci Jacmel Pumps in Placid Blue
ellabella Benediction piercings by ellantha larsson
Pure Poison’s Danielle cuffs in silver
tea.s chewnicorn ring
Truth Coral Hair, New! by Truth Hawks
Izzie’s Lila ice Princess Skin (past TDRF)
Ikon Spectral Eyes in ice


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