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Zibska’s Imogen for L’accessoires


This neck piece is one of those ‘statement’ item-must-haves, for those of us who like to ride that line between cozey and edgy. This cycle of L’ace will be ending on the 8th, and yes! I shall harp on a bit more! lol

I didn’t bother processing any of the shots because the contrast was plenty busy already. In fact she has on less then when I started to put together a look. I mean ya’ll, that balance of too much and too boring, its a losing battle for me, especially when Cougar ain’t online lol.

If you’ve been to Zibska’s main location, you’ll find a variety of awesome fashion pieces, make ups, hair and accessories! Do visit when you can.

Have a terrific weekend ♥

Featured Items:
Zibska’s Imogen (neck piece) in Black for L’accessoires
Ison Geometric Corset
erratic zoey leather pants
Zibska Evion Earrings
ellabella Benediction Piercings
Deviance Enchantress Cape v2 in onyx
Zibska’s Sveta Updo (hair) in white
Zibska’s Eleventy Lips (noir)
Dead Apple’s Sinistre Blind Grey Eyes
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Glam Affair’s Neva Frost #1 A Skin
Poses: Sari Sari



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