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Passacaglia ~ The Possible Duet


For all the classical music buff/lurkers out there, we know that the ‘Passacaglia’ is often coined an ‘impossible’ form (style if you will) of  music composition. I’ve been listening to my daughter try to conquer this phenomenon on her viola for a few months now. Seen and felt her frustrations, and triumphs. This is a pale comparison to how I finally got this picture set together tonight.

Why am I even gibberizing all of this? I think it’s my answer to today’s ungodly experience of logging in with both avatars, whilst the ‘LLab’ either fell asleep at the keyboard and/or were tinkering on servers. So its a rant.. nay, its a musical rant! lol (whatever Wendz)

Anyway, after unsticking both avatars from a crowded sim for a failed ‘slapshoot‘ (that’s SL snapshot-photoshoot.. clever eh?!) I chucked the idea of getting these girls pictures taken in a decent region, and brought them back up to the sky.

Lots of stuff to talk about here; MiaMai’s Natur ‘A’ Pumps are available at L’accessoires till Jan. 8th, and yes the Christmas Hunt is still active! Also nabbed Ricielli’s Blister Jacket and Leather Patent Dress at the Dressing Room Fusion. The next round will begin (or has already). I’m really liking the material’s effect on these items. I also picked up Tableau Vivant’s Snowfall Hair at FROST, and that event will be ending in a few days (Jan. 5th).

Fameshed has just started, and whadda ya know, Glinda’s wardrobe is a bit bare *cough*. I chose LaRoo’s Brooke Pumps for her footwear and Wasabi Pill’s Emily Hair for the ‘do’. Fighting lag monsters is quite possible with dueling avies lemme tell ya!

There was a nice little notice from the SL Blogger Support Group on New Year’s encouraging us-folks to do a thorough inventory/box/sorting/cleaning exercise, and so far, I’ve gone from 13,711 items to 12,876 items as of tonight :O

Girlinda on the other hand, lol.

Thanks for stopping by today and do be sure to scroll through the credits for more information. Hmm, which other alt should I shop for next…;)

Ricielli Blister Jacket
Ricielli Leather Dress
Modern Couture Jewelry Peacock Necklace for Kustom9
LaRoo Brooke Pumps for FaMESHed
Wasabi Pills Emily Mesh Hair FaMESHed
Glam Affair Skin Kaelyn #10 in europa
Ikon Spectral Eyes Quicksilver
Slink Casual Mesh Hands

Kungler’s #29 TDR Dress in Mocca
*MiaMai Natur’A Pumps (Slink Add Ons) for L’accessoires
Glow Studio Loomis Necklace Hugo House
Tableau Vivant Snowfall Hair for FROST
Glam Affair Angelica #11 in america
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Slink Med. Mesh Feet
Ma Vie Les Vernis Metals Nails (Slink Add On)
Ikon Spectral Eyes Glass

**~*HopScotch*~* Fancy a walk? with Umbrella
(Christmas Gift available for 10L @ Genre)
Imeka’s Bonnie for Kustom9
Posesion’s Deadly for Kustom9
Le Poppycock Half Naked





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  2. spunknbrains says

    I use to be able to log in both myself and my child alt on the same computer before the latest update… now I freeze and crash if I do it. Love the way the way the pictures came out.


    • thank you Spunk ♥ yeah, I’ve had to use tpv’s in order to do this and I keep thinking my computer can handle it, until last night when I think I heard it whisper, “No more woman!” lol


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