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Fast Awake, Wide Asleep

“That moment you realize, there are floating sheeps singing you a lullaby”.

I love the whimsy side of Second Life. I can’t imagine any other platform that can render this much wonder in a simple snapshot. Well at least my version of wonder (black sheep, rainbows and a styling black hat). Somewhere between falling asleep and typing out credits, have any of you ever felt a spark of inspiration? (SL blogwise I meaneth)

Welps, this is my personal result LOL 😀 Don’t rightly have a fashiony reviewy post, but I did want to show off Lode’s Skiko hat for this month’s L’accessoires. There are several options to choose from, with or without the bow, and even an additional bow you can attach as a neck piece.

MishMish has so much kawaii, sooo much potential for imaginators to create fun images! I hope you have a wonderous waking ups where ever you are in the world, and a peaceful night’s rest.

I have a feeling we’re gonna need it soon Oo

Aspara’s Iram Black Queen gown
**LODE* Headwear Skiko II for L’accessoires
Maxi Gossamer Khaleesi’s Temptation Necklaces
*E-Clipse Poison Ankle Boots for L’accessoires
Exile All Over You Natural Curls Hair
elymode Glitter Brush make-up
Essences Hangover Lipstick #6
Dead Apples Shattered Cosmic Eyes
Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner #2
Glam Affair’s Neva Skin #3 in america
Slink Casual mesh Hands
Kosh’ Metal and Matte Nails (for slink av/e)
Poses: !bang carefree, stand #323

Additional Credits:
MishMish Counting Sheep Set for Collabor88
WorN Jester Chair
Spectrum Rainbow Prism by windyy Lane Designs
Goth Skull Mystical Tree by winddy Lane Designs
Windlight: Torie Senne



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