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Letting Go

There are days where I feel like I have to reach up just to touch bottom. Its enough to make a body wonder how on earth, does one ‘figure’ themselves out of a dire situation? Some days, I really dislike ‘figuring’ things out.

This past weekend, I went through some things that unveiled parts of my ‘being’ that weren’t so cozey. Feelings, emotions, past hurts, regrets, all of which I thought were buried or at most, locked in a room I didn’t make a key for. And it bothered me.

It bothered me that these ‘things’, bothered me. Control has always been a two edged sword in my personal life. And there was a moment, where I thought I had lost it. Where wise did not rue the day, but foolishness was its master. Where I did not walk circumspect, but plowed on through, straight ahead, disregarding my immediate surroundings.

We’ve all been there. And we’ve all had to clean up the mess afterwards. But this one thing, I did learn through that mess. After everything settled, after the fires were put out (metaphorically speaking of course), I had the tools to make that key.. to that room. And I know that someday, I’ll find courage to go in, maybe toss a few things that shouldn’t be there.

Its a good thing I don’t have a lock on the door to my virtual closet though. That would be traaaahhhhgiiccccc!

Aida Ewing.. is possibly the busiest skin creator out there imho and without sounding too fan girlish, I happily took my ‘twin’ alt to Glam Affair to purchase ‘Kaelyn’. Glinda usually skips around the grid as a child avie, so it was time to give her a proper make over. Even doled out for her own Slink mesh hands!

I’ve yet to get Malnzoe (Cozey’s Malt) his own add ons.. the Slink ones I mean Oo, but I did pick up a few skin demos at Tableau Vivant. Stay tuned for that hot mess…. I mean his make-over.

Thanks for stopping by today and big kudos for wading through the writing to get to the pretty credits 😉

On Glinda:
Fishy Strawberry’s Impromptu Cardigan
Fishy Strawberry’s Moto Pants (non mesh)
Fishy Strawberry’s Over the Mountain Boots
Fishy Strawberry’s Spaghetti Strap Top
Zibska’s Kiyomi Necklace
Analog Dog’s Nightingale Hair
Glam Affair’s Kaelyn in Europa ~ NEW!@ Glam Affair
Ikon Spectral Eyes Quicksilver for FaMESHed
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Flair Nails #66 (Subsriber Gift!)

On Wendz:
coldLogic’s Niven Outfit ~ NEW! @ coldLogic
Mutresse Sneja Boots for FaMESHed
Zibska’s Phoebe Necklace
Half Deer’s Snowy Antler’s for FLF
Wasabi Pills Selene Hair
Glam Affair’s Mokatana in America ~ NEW! @ Collabor88
Ikon Spectral Eyes Ice for FaMESHed
Slink Mouse and Relaxed Mesh Hands
Flair Nails #57

Poses Used:
Embody’s Backup; Best Friends
!bang’s Big Deal



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