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Chakryn Forest

There was a notecard passed in world a few months ago, with various locations for SL Snapographers to explore. Chakryn Forest is a stunning build that I have not been to before and oh the mysteries that the isle entails! Now if I could just grab a good signal, we can be on our way…

Ahhhh! So this random angle is squirmish! Chakryn Forest also has a dedicated Flickr Stream for your perusing pleasures.

Note to self: Never ask an elemental for directions.. ESPECIALLY the watery kinds. They will no doubt ‘go with the flow’ and as sure as my name is not Susan, we will end up in the ocean… or in someone’s tap water. /me shudders.

Finally found a friend who can see all things. And his first piece of advice was to make doubly sure, we, as in Explorers, Wanderers, Picture Takerers of Second Life, be sure to tip or donate to the location/venue/event or whatever, when it is possible.

And of course, I wholeheartedly agreed 🙂

Thank you for stopping by today and if you’ve had the time to do a bit of Traveling on SL, let us take a gander! The Travel SL 52 Challenge is a great place to start 😀 Hope to see you there!

TP to Chakryn Forest
Travel SL 52 Challenge Flickr
Travel SL 52 Challenge @ A Second for Imagination

Jacket: ur favorite one’ Nerd Duffle Coat
Pants: coldLogic Seyfried Jeggings
Shoes: *Apple Fall’s Hugg Boot in Flax
Scarf: Ispachi’s Heuston Scarf
Bag: ur favorite one’ catty three concept bag
Ring: tea.s Sneaky Fox
Hairpin: O.M.E.N. Spring Bee Gem hairclip
Hair: Exile’s Maylee
Slink Mouse and Relaxed Mesh Hands
Pose/Props: Embody’s Smart Phone Prop w/ Embody’s Talk to Me Pose



  1. aye the eye did startle me too.. still determining if its purposely put there or rezzed by a malcreant; the region has build perms as well (not sure if theres autoreturn tho)


  2. purplebutterflylykin says

    Thinking its worth a visit just to converse with the eye thingy. Love the pictures 🙂


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