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L2S #54 Lessons Learned

Found a bit of time to take a some snapshots of a simple look of which, I am happy with except for one detail. I did not touch up any of the images in the collage, just because it felt good (in theory) to show how far Bumblebee has come in the ever enigmatic art of ‘styling’.

This is kind of a learning thing in both worlds I guess. Its even helped me at my job, where as I had no idea what to tell my customers about brand, quality or /me gulps, ensembles… now I can kind of put the pieces of the puzzle together so at least the final look isn’t something that just crawled out of the laundry hamper.

So coming from a mindset of little to no interest at all in SL/RL fashion, to a morbid yet healthy interest in all things shiny, pretty and gorgeous, what have you learned Bumble?

  • Sometimes neon yellow can look amazing, under the right lighting.
  • People will judge. Face it. Embrace it. And get you a nice purse to stifle it.
  • The Color Wheel can be your best friend, or your worst frenemy.
  • RGB stands for something much more than code.
  • I don’t have to be afraid of Asymmetrical anythings anymore
  • When in doubt, do without
  • If you use bling… you will die
  • If you use facelights… others might die (so be kind to the others)
  • It is OKAY to copy/emulate/be inspired by.. another’s ‘look’ and mold it to  your own. It ‘should’ be the best form of flattery.
  • Read previous and give yourself a hug for stepping out of your comfort zone. (Comfort used to represent pj bottoms and sweatshirts ya’ll.. no joke)
  • RL lesson: If I spill food on that Michael Kors Scarf again, I will use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains and NOT color safe bleach.
  • Bonus: Invest rather than splurge. (with the exception of Gachas :P)

Thanks for stopping by today and please feel free to drop any advice, comments or clever whips in the comment box 😀

SYSY’s CoCO Suede Dress for My Attic
*Essenz‘ Jersey Shoes for L’accessoires
Ison Scout Boho Bag
epoque Metal Petal Ring
Inside Lab Keira Collier Sand Necklace
Magika’s Forget (hair)
Flair Nails (Slink av/e) #142
Slink’s Casual, Relaxed Mesh Hands
Belleza’s Chic Skin
Pose: Adorkable’s Smart



  1. This can’t be the same bumblebee that use to roll her eyes at me when I breathlessly told her of an outfit I just picked up. (I knows yous was rollin dem eyes :P) I knew you would get the shopping bug one day 🙂 PAYBACK!!!!!!


  2. “If you use bling… you will die” /me digs into invo for all my prim shoes, to turn the blings on.

    You see me blingin’, you be hatin’. *brush my flexiprims hair and sniffs haughtily*


  3. Well written and so true! Especially the part about spilling food, I always save that for coffee on my work shirt. >.< Get geared up and enjoy your first Black Friday! 😀 ❤


    • I am seriously contemplating the gear aspect and arming myself with loads of ‘balls’ (dare say I?)

      already customers are showing fangs and hissing lolol! think thats why I always stuck to internet for holiday shopping coz these folks scare me :O


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