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A Cozey Second Life

Sometime this past weekend, this blog reached its first anniversary, which in of itself is a huge accomplishment personally.

I remember after migrating to WordPress, how awkward it felt coming from ‘another’ blogging site, then finally learning my way around Flickr. There was a night much like tonight (it is now 4am Monday morning haha), where I calculated how much time I wanted to invest blogging about my experiences in Second Life. Did I want to commit to a post everyday? What would a body write about? Were my meager snapography ‘skill’s up to par?

Somehow, there was always time to sneak a post here or there. On my days off from work, I’d take a few hours to snap a week’s worth of pictures, only to publish one. Other days, it was enough for me to read all of your allses adventures, wherever on the grid. And some nights, there were articles written with just the right picture, that I would mull over, letting it ‘marinate’.

There were also the “what was I thinking?” moments where I  hit publish at… 4am. You know those posts where you go back and reread, blush with embarrassment and pray to the blogging gods that no one actually read it. (Oh, just me I guess pfft)…
Those are rough..but I leave them up just in case I need a good reminder of what not to do again.

The bottom line, is that in the beginning, what I thought was ‘just’ another ‘fashion’ blog, evolved into even more than a creative outlet. If I could borrow a thought, these written words, this ‘blog’ is essentially me. And I believe that’s how you all feel about your blogs/sites too. (that’s not just me right? good grief) 

I’ve made blogging buddies, whom I connect with better than a lot of the contacts I have in world, and I’m so thankful for that.

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Thank you for keeping tabs with me, thank you for commenting even under time constraints. Thank you for encouraging replies, for clicking the titles on the reader and going through an entire post, for not being afraid to add information, or correct some; for visiting and visiting, then visiting again.

And best of all, thank you for teaching me, that blogging about Second Life, is in fact, a relevant and a worthy venture!

Aloha always~Bumblebee

f gadfgdf

Top: Molichino Iris Jumper
Pants: Molichino Gliffy Pants
Vest: Pink Outfitter’s Donna Cardi
Shoes: ISON Metal Plate Booties for Shoetopia
Hat/Hair: MINA Carlijn for My Attic
Necklace: Zibska’s Rikka
Necklace2: Zibska’s Onek Deux
Glasses: ArisAris Glasses Colors and Flowers
Nails: Flair Nail Addon for Slink AV/E
Slink’s Casual and Elegant1 Mesh Hands
Skin: Glam Affair’s Vera #7 america

.lame’s Charlotte Bistro Table and Stool
Meshworx Solaris Lamp
Kuro’s Cups for The Gallery Gift Shop
[y] Mr. Frape RARE gacha
d-lab’s kangaroo with baby
Teawood’s Tray of Pears



  1. Congratulations! Your blog is one of my favourites – I love your style of photography and writing and you ❤

    Funny, I was going through my archives just this weekend and looking at some of my posts, thinking, "What was I thinking????" And then I read the comments…whether I think the photos or content is less than stellar, the real jewels are the little snippets left by those who bothered to read the post…whether I'd like to bury it or not. And so, I can't.

    Thanks for letting us share the ride with you xoxox


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