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HopScotch, Azoury, !OhMai

The great thing about Plurk is when content creators give sneak peeks into their latest WIPs. Like these boots designed by Chandni of HopScotch. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get bits and pieces until the big reveal. They’re out right now for the nabbing at this month’s My Attic! Its not a great snapshot, but you can see some of the windlight playing off of the texture since they are materials ready.

Non fashion related news: I tried to work with water splash effects on PS tonight and it basically didn’t pan out. What you can see is the rain from the region (Seraph City), didn’t tinker with that at all. But wanted the droplet thingies brushes things to add.

Ah well, in due time I guess.

I so love these layered pants from The Sea Hole. Versatile, fits nice n snuggy in boots, and very stylish. Some things never get old. Not even our latest blogosphere buddy icon, !Ohmai’s Steampunk Squirrel. This guy is every where! I think he and his brothers (or sisters idk?) might have a fandom goin’ soon. So thankful for the silly in Second Life.

Thank you for stopping by today, and do check out the links below!

Top: Marshmallows Rozy Top for kustom9
Pants: The Sea Hole La Jolla Panel Jeans
Shoes: **~*HopScotch*~* Harvest Boots for My Attic
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Dewdrop Earrings for We ❤ RP
Hair: LeLutka’s Serena
*Azoury Steampunk Cameleon Umbrella Hat for L’accessoires
Yasum Monocle Cracked Glass for The Fantasy Collective
Special Guest: !Ohmai’s Steampunk Gray Squirrel (actually I call him Grey the fuzzball) for Collabor88
Pose: aDORKable & Kirin Poses
Location: Seraph City



  1. You and your Squirry wanna join me and my Squirry in an adventure next time? We can all go destroy a tyrant city. Haha! Everytime Ohmai comes up with a new pet, I go and snap it up. I don’t even need pets in SL. FANDOM. Accurate. LOL.


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