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Courage by Bumblebee

I am my father’s daughter.
I have my mother’s strength.
Resilient through adversity,
Standing firm, and yet at arm’s length.

For every mantra I’ve proclaimed,
Harmful pastimes I’ve profaned,
I recall a clearer time
When hallowed proved Divine.

A time when Light meant clarity
Seeing beyond what was in front of me.

Remembering to Whom, I gave the Glory.
For it is He who shines all around me.

Courageous when I am at a loss,
burdened by my shameful cross.
He calms this tumultuous soul
And gives the peace, I seek for.

So when the night comes ’round once more,
and fear knocks the resonant door..

I shall reach for that Courage.
I shall call Him to save me once more.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you all have a chance to visit Second Life’s Water Lantern Festival. There are several donation kiosks throughout the event, and the landing point holds some pertinent information, on how we can be a direct source of help to our South East Asian friends.

One thing before I go.. There really aren’t words in any known language to describe the sadness and loss among my filipino brethren. Though my own family was further north from where Yolanda landed, I am still getting reports of extended family members who haven’t checked in. And so, while ‘every’ little bit counts, I would also ask for your prayers and thoughts as well ❤

Top: Offbeat’s ‘Pray’ Fall Layered Shirts for Water Lantern Festival
Pants: Toki-D Rolling Pants in dust
Shoes: *Gang/Cold Florence Loafers for Shoetopia (Now Open)

Skin: Belleza’s Ashley SK 1 (past Summerfest)
Hair: Magika’s Sudden (New)
Slink’s Flat and Gesture Mesh Hands
Poses: tea.s; Embody’s Talk to Me
Windlight: Bryn Oh’s Immersiva Grey Dust; Coastal Sunset
Location: Water Lantern Festival



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