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Is it madness?

Just a wee bit of madness, yes. Lassitude & Ennui presents the Jolenta boots for Shoetopia, this coming Friday, November 15th. Wrote more about this event here.

The Jolenta Boots were just the thing for what I thought was a clever cosplay ish on Loki Laufeyson…until that is, I showed the images to my teenagers.

If their eyes coulda rolled back any farther, they would be on the kitchen floor -.-

Shoetopia, thankfully, is bursting with creativity and is a lovely vision to behold~ 

Thanks for visiting today, be sure to check out the Flickr Pool for more previews from other fellow bloggers.

Featured Items:
*lassitude & ennui’s Jolenta Boots | silver black for Shoetopia! Nov. 15th-30th
Senzafine’s Elessar Women’s Tunic | forest for We ❤ Roleplay
GSpot Raven Nell Collar | black for Enchantment
ellabella’s Helene’s Tears piercings
glow studio’s Ear cuff | guinea fowl
Kosh’ Ronja Necklace
De La Soul’s Simple Leggings | royals
Designs by Isaura’ Necromancer Cloak
adoness’ shaved butterfly hair base
EMOtions’ Solitude hair
Glam Affair’s Layla | light clean
Glam Affair’s Elit eyes makeup #1
Glam Affair’s Couture Eyeliner #2
Dead Apple’s Sinistre eyes | blind brown
Izzie’s Eyelashes v1.03
Poses: Ma Vie, oOo Studio, Kirin Poses
Location: Shoetopia ~ A Walk in the Clouds
Region opens at Midnight 11/15 Friday!



  1. We’ll just pretend your teenagers are just intimidated with your pimpin’ style. 😀 I mean come on, this is gorgeous! ❤


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