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The Divide

The Divide by Bumblebee

There is no distance too far
Where light cannot reach,
No peak too high
No depth too deep.

The day has begun,
A chance to live anew
In grace, in wisdom
We are free to pursue.

Your choice is at hand,
and the path is laid out.
Your decision, weighs carefully,
there is no room for doubt.

Will you make amends?
Will you tear the chords?
Shall another day pass,
Without peace and accord?

Love is never easy, to choose before your being.
It compels you to move forward,
It compels you to look without seeing.

Gather your courage, oh ye of little faith.
Strengthen your resolve, push open the shielded gate.

You’ll find your fire, you’ll find your passion
You’ll see that Love is on the other side of that ocean.
This divide is a mere stepping stone
Towards your destined path.

Will you learn to love once more.. or will you turn back?

Thanks for stopping by and welcoming another weekend with me! Do stop by Izzie Button’s and check out her fantastically fun skating rink as well as the rest of the region! Aloha till next time~

.Shi Fur Pullover in brown (okay I love this top, the brand is new to me and it comes with a texture HUD that is to die for! Released last winter but still such a great top!)
The Sea Hole La Jolla Panel Jeans (my go to system layered pantalones)
ILO’ Operator Boots (also comes with a Socks HUD)
Balaclava Tail Feather Necklace
Glam Affair’s Angelica #11
Mina’s Ineke Hair (Texture and Headpiece HUD included)
Tableau Vivant’s Venus Galaxy Eyes
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Poses: Sari Sari & oOo Studio
Windlight: Annan Adored’s Light Explosion II
Location: Izzie’s




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