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Ryu Hanging Garden

Recently, Cougar invited me over to Lost Horizon to check out her latest project.  For the past few days, she has been busy redoing a part of the region which to me looks as if it will end up having an east Asian/ zen ish theme flow. As a habit, I like to find out the origins of whatever build, content, location, event etc. I am seeing, and randomly clicked the nearest home.
Profile pervs researchers can attest to this, I peeked at the designers picks and found a picture of the location above.

There’s nothing more nostalgic to me than a build, right smacked dab on the side of a steep mountain. (its a minecraft thing i think)

This whole camera angle thing is something I’m still learning in both lives. I’m so glad Second Life affords us to practice without any physical effort lolol. If I were to attempt this shot irl, not only would I have to actually climb a mountain side, I’d have to get the gumption to walk out the front door. (The Joys of Virtuality)

Definitely check out Ryu Hanging Garden when you have a chance, and tour around a bit (gingerly of course).. oh and mind the steps. I don’t think they have affordable avatar insurance in this world. (sorry couldn’t resist)

Ryu Hanging Garden by Ryusho Ort
Ryusho Ort Flickr Stream
Ryusho Ort on Marketplace



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