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Avatar Look Alike Fail

as raw as the chapped skin on me bum

So I tried the Picadilo generator and got  these dudes:

…i only accept Bon Jovi coz he so fly…

And I’ve been trying to look like this chick, since last month:

If you must google her, please be in a room WITHOUT the kids.. yeahhh.. mhm.


But I’ll keep modding till there’s some semblance! 100pts to whomever can guess the actress’ name and bonus for the Movie that gave her her ‘BIG’ break 🙂

Strawberry Singh Blog/Meme Challenge, tune in every Monday for a new episode!

Glam Affair’s Vera #7
Ikon Eyes- Glen
Truth Hair- Mindy

click on each image for source link and image creds, because they sure ain’t mine 😦



  1. geddyfan says

    I’m going to guess Catherine Zeta Jones and Zoro her first big role. No matter whom it is, your avatar looks very close to the photo to me!


    • aw ain’t that sweet of you! gonna give you 75 points for guessing but nope.. The actress’ name is Suzee Pai and the movie issss, Big Trouble in Little China!


  2. Morgan Freeman…hahahahahahahah…sorry..hahahahahahahahahahahahh!
    :P. But seriously, you look gorgeous! (says the avatar who is a look a like from George W. Bush…)


  3. Morgan Freeman…LMAO!!! And Mick Jagger, oh myyyy.

    Looks like you got Michael Moore too. High five, sista. Hahaha. This generator is hilarious.

    But don’t you worry, you’re beautiful!!! ❤ Even as Morgan Freeman. ROFL.


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