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Noble, New England

Here in New England, the character is strong and unshakable. -Norman Rockwell 

Wow… I must have stood at the same spot with Mal for at least an hour, just cam-touring the area immediately surrounding us. I highly suggest watching the intro video that Strawberry posted for Noble, New England, and then if you can, try to keep it on loop as you listen while touring this magnificent build.

I usually acquaint New England Novembers with grey, grey oh yes and more grey…kind of like around here. My northeast relatives like to make fun of the fact that us north westerners have no idea what going through a ‘real’ winter is like. It’s aight… ya’ll can keep it!

But I do love how interesting Noble New England is. Didn’t quite have a chance to explore the buildings or populated areas, yet. Was just too enamored with the landscaping, oohing and aahing over the bridges, waterways, the way they molded the land so lovingly!

I kept the music from the video going. It truly enhanced the experience, evoking just a calm, serene feeling, which I needed today.

So thank you Strawberry for sharing  your find, and thank you Noble Family, for sharing your love and life with all of us.

**If you have a chance to tour Noble, New England, why not think about giving back a token of thanks? As soon as you land, you’ll find a donation box nearby 🙂 **

*Couture’d Bacon’s Lakea Cornucopia Sweater for Atooly’s Fall Event Nov. 4th thru 18th
              (Available in 2 other styles scroll after credits)
Toki-D Rolling Pants in Dust
Leonard My Autumn Lace Boots
Pesca’s Paille Pochette Bag by tsugu nirvana
Izzie’s Lucie Pumpkin Pie Skin for The Dressing Roomj
Slink Casual and Relaxed Hands
Flair Nail Add On for Slink Hands #162
Magika’s Cody Hair in Red
Pose: Sari Sari fp-c2; fp-a4
Windlight: Annan Adored’s Light ExplosionII
Location: Noble, New England



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