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Lennon Park

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. CS Lewis

Many heartfelt thanks to Scarlett Luv for dragging inviting me over for an impromptu shoot. I had just finished reading one of Honour’s posts about priorities and it gave me cause to do a self evaluation once more. No funny puns or wonky conversations in my head today, just Wendz being real.

I look at that first image with some forethought. From a distance, it had looked like that part of the land had been split between snow and spring. But as I got closer, I could see that in fact it was the beach, not snow. And then there was this bridge partially submerged.  Just there. Maybe to a lot of folks, its just part of the charm of a sim build. The little nuances that make the creative whole, a believable experience.

Simple enough explanation, sure. But to me, it spoke more than the standard ‘thousand words’. When I look at that bridge, half of it under sim water..pond reeds poking through worn wooden slats, I think about the connections in world that I have severed over the years. There is a saying we all know well, “It’s water under the bridge.” When we forgive past mistakes, we’re supposed to say this right?

Well, what happens when we don’t? Forgive that is. I suppose part of that ‘bridge’ would still be visible. On who’s end, I don’t know. Maybe the person who’d rather drown it all out. And maybe the visible part of the connection holds out for hope. Hope that someday, connections are rebuilt again.

Thanks for stopping by today and perusing the pictures. Lennon Park I am told, has been open to ‘who so ever will’ take a snapshot, and I haven’t even started on the other side of the region yet. But you can check out Lennon Park’s owner and proprietor’s Darth Kline’s Flickr stream for more fantastic captures 🙂

See you on the grid~

Lennon Park on the Rock
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  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Your thoughts seem to have mirrored those i have grappled with the past few days. Indeed the next two lesson challenges I’m doing speak on a similar theme. That of forgiveness and reconnection. Hugss.


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