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*~*HopScotch*~*, Couture’d Bacon, T.O.S

Oh the horrors! Oh the terror! Ohhhhh the fun you’ll have at The Horror Fest!  Its never too late to ‘snatch’ up your ‘sharpest’ look, ‘cut’ through the lag and ‘slice’ into that awesome montage of all they have to offer! Including these practical poses for the budding Krueger cosplayer er in you. You’re shopping dinero will go in helping The Epilepsy Therapy Project, this year’s charity of choice.

HopScotch’s “Lost my Head” pose pack features 4 poses and includes a detachable noggin’ for each pose. They are of course modifiable and as you can see, fun to dress up. 100% of this sale goes to the Epilepsy Therapy Project!

Also wanted to share a bit of bacon, yes, Couture’d Bacon, the kind you look fabulous in minus the calories… Scarlett did a great job paying tribute to this guy, even down to the marks on the skirt, that was pretty cool 😀


Still here? +100pts for you!

Strawberry Singh has posted the latest meme (which is not a meme, but still is meme-ish) with questions regarding Linden Lab’s current Terms of Service Agreement. My answers will probably be the same as hers and many other fellow bloggers, so I may ask the funny people in my head to interject from time to time, at least to get well rounded answers.

1. Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept?

“Yes, because I am a good girl”
“No, not really. Hey where’d you get that hat?”
“I dunno, I just like, skim and stuff, and then there’s this box and I just like, check it… and stuff”
“Whaaa?? !@##$ ain’t no body got time fo’ dat!”

Seriously though, I hit agree so fast, so fast in fact, it takes me less time to do that than to buy the latest skin from Glam Affair. I admit I’m too lazy and in fact just here to shop for my dolly.

2.  How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3.

“Ohhh I think its great! Any publicity is good publicity! Any exposure is good exposure!”
“Say whaaat? They gonna man-ip-u-late my goods? aahahaha!”
“I think they’re making toast in their break rooms”
“Boooo Linden Labs! Oh wait, where’d you get those boots girl??? mm mm”

How do I feel.. how do I feel.. I feel like there are folks behind the scenes who have their reasons for wording this doc, as it is. It seems like LL is going the way of all the other games/worlds I’ve ‘played’. And maybe I’m wrong, but they might have the foolish notion that this would actually be ‘helping’ content creators, rather than harm them. I dunno….

3. Do the changes affect you directly?

“Yes. Weeee love to shop”
“Yes. Weeee love to… wait what was the question again?”
“NO! I hate that hat, it looks like you’re trying to be ‘that’ guy on the ‘street’ next over.. hate it.”
“Only when there’s a full moon hehe”

90% same answer as Strawberry… doesn’t bug me too much, except if content creators decide to jump the boat, then I have to look elsewhere for nicey meshy prim shinies. Gosh that answer is so shallow :/ If all the content creators that I LOVE, left because of this? I would SO DIE a painful, Second Life death.. maybe make an excuse, then resurrect in a few years. Right? right.

4. What do you think people should do about this new change?

“I think we should call our local congressmens, and womens.. sign a petition and Fed Ex it to California.”
“I think, she (up there) has lost her marbles and pixie dust.”
“Yo, I just got 25% off my car insurance with….say that again?”
“Boycott bling!!”

I guess it depends on how folks answer #3. I’ve made a few things on SL, but nothing I deem worth any money. I take my avatar out and snap pictures of whatever, whoever and wherever, just like I do in other games I play. But it all vanishes as soon as I hit Control Q. What I think the concerned citizens should do, is to make darn sure that whatever content they create/upload, is something they’re willing to share the glory with LL. Otherwise, we spam our lawyers.. or play more Minecraft -.-

Last one!
5. Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did?

“Ohhh we’ve left quite a few times, and it was always because of some guyyyyy”
“True, true… ey, didn’t we just leave last fall?”
“Ahahaha! PWNED!”
“No that was the other guy, this guy is for keeps coz he buys us hats…”

Aren’t they just adorable, they really are… (stupidheads)

I feel for the citizens that have  decided to leave because of this.  Next month, I’ll be celebrating (sort of) my first year blogging Second Life. And unlike the busy-ness of following local chat, or answering a gazillion im’s at once, blogging provides the community involvement-outlet that’s more in tune to my RL time constraints.

Where I used to fuss and worry about club events, organizing hunts, CSRing up the wazzuuu, the blogosphere is calm, slow paced and easy on the brain. This outside part of the community is where I think all the cool cats hang out lolol. And it’d be a crying shame, if all of us up and left because of some terminology. I just hope that whatever voice is out there will be heard, because the ones in my head?

They’re just here for the stuff.

*~*HopScotch*~* Lost my Head Pose Pack (4 poses w/ female and male head props) for Horrorfest
*Couture’d Bacon’s Sadie’s Stripes Dress | nightmare New!
Adjunct Eyewear Risky Business sunglasses
mijn boutique’s cross bangle
erratic ripped stockings
Gos GTFO Boots
Maitreya’s Ymre II Hair (includes fedora)
Pink Fuel Yum Bubblegum!
Other Pose: aDORKabe’s blogger bubble w/ prop; HopScotch’ Love the Camera



  1. If I tell you I threw a tanty of this ToS and leave, would you 1) wail in despair or will you 2) “oh look, pretty shiny shoes!”. Choose wisely. My body shall be waiting.


    • Doesn’t it depend on if you are taking your shiny shoes with you when you leave? (For the record, if you leave any boots behind, I’m taking them!) I’m just kidding, of course, I would wail well and weepingly to lose any of my friends to those pointy ToS….


      • Pointy ToS and shiney shoes sort of go hand in hand so no wailing or throwing tanties clean and or otherwise, lets make a sacred circle, light candles and dance under the moon lolol ❤


  2. purplebutterflylykin says

    Okay .. I think your voice in the head number 4 is my long lost twin .. just sayin’… we talk the same language.


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