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SL Travel 52 ~ It All starts with a Smile

Even though Kaelyn Alecto’s “It All Starts with a Smile” continues with  reconstruction, there were many sights to explore, various scenery she has added over time and one of the best examples of SL ‘topography’ I’ve seen for a long time.

Firstly, the landing point sets you firmly in front of a coffee shop, quite quaintingly cute, and muuuch like where I go for my before-the-work-day, java fix here in the Pacific Northwest. We used to call them hole-in-the-wall coffee joints but now they’re considered ‘exclusive’ because that ‘other’ company has saturated the area.. cough…

Its a perfect way to start exploring… heck I even wore these gorgeous heeled boots from Loordes of London, just so I could dual post show off shamelessly promote wear off the caffeine! eh heh.

If you’ve been a stalker follower hopeless devotee fan of Kaelyn’s blog or Flickr, you’ve probably  seen pictures of the epic playground area, and believe you me, I played.. and played. Then,  took the time to span-cam, enjoyin the landscaping and terraforming. I realize it’s still a work in progress, but what I’ve seen so far is pretty exciting.

I love landscape photos irl. On Second Life, terraforming is a skill not very many folks on the grid pride themselves over any more, so whenever I come across photos of a region that has great landscaping, it ‘brings a smile to my face’ 😀 It is a labor of love and one of the first things I ever learned to ‘do’ here.

So giddy over this capture. Granted its not Natn’l Geographic worthy, but just the enormity in this part of the region just absolutely beautiful. Maybe she meant to put more, or less, or not done yet.. but I think its awesome and well put together.

Travel Photography Tip #10091: Sometimes it pays to stay off the beaten path…because, you never know when a rabbit or two, might coerce you to come to tea…..or soda.

There is still the other half of the region left to explore, but there are many places where you can find inspiration. All you need is the gumption, the want to, and your beautiful smile… (seriously, my avie is smiling on the inside eh?)

Have a great rest of the weekend and feel free to join the SL Travel 52 Flickr Pool if you’re out on an adventure!


DeeTaleZ Boho Long Blouse for Boho Culture Fair
Loordes of London Nottingham Boots for Boho Culture Fair
TokiD Attic Boho Bag
Mina’s Ineke Hair
Belleza’s Delaney Skin
Ikon Vanity Eyes-Glen
Poses: Sari-Sari & oOo Studio
Windlight: Annan Adored’s Realistic Ambient
Location: It All Starts With A Smile ~ Kaelyn Alecto



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    So thrown this landmark into the folder because I simply can’t resist caffine and a twirl in a playground!


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