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Google Meme (and a bit more)

As I wind down and say aloha to a very long Monday, its always fun to come online and find Strawberry Singh’s latest meme 🙂 I have a feeling I be reflecting on it, often just for the sheer amount of fun it’ll spark in the community!

Meme instructions: Google your SL name and answer the following questions. Don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your post so we can all drop by, read and be nosy. Optional: click over to Emily’s blog and do her Google challenge as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment in her post if you end up doing it, so she can come stalk you guys too!

Bookmark Bar = What 1st life?

1. Google your Second Life name in “quotations” and share your results. 2200 near abouts. 70% spamming pings I’m guessing. W o w… those numbers are disheartening :/ And that is most likely due to the fact that I blog under another pseudo name too, Bumblebee. (Onions have layers!) 

2. What is the first link that comes up? As you can see above, I watch  bus-loads of youtube. I noticed my wordpress blog is no where near the front page, so that is something I’d like to improve on.  On the flip side however, Bumblebee @ is smack dab in the middle! HI-5’s for that 😀 (whoa I’m still making plans for our date with a Blockhead!)

3. Which link were you surprised to see? only this… I’m still trying to figure how she ended up on a registry list. (She really really wants a Virtual Toaster Oven… is what she said. Mhm)

4. Click on the “Image” tab and tell us where the first 5 pictures listed are from.

Left to right: Vimeo Profile Pic, Avatar Blogger Month @, current Plurk Profile pic, Blogspot Profile pic, Google Plus upload

5. Click on the “more” tab and then click “news” and share your results. Hot diggity dog!!


Why yes I’d love to try Emily’s challenge as well!


Digital Footprint Meme Instructions:  First, measure your digital footprint.  Google yourself (or Bing yourself or Yahoo yourself if you really must…) under both your real life name and your second life name and look over what comes up.  Then post a picture inspired by the phrase ‘digital footprint’ and/or answer the following questions.  (P.S. Don’t show us your searches unless you want us all to see your real life name as well.)

Her Digital Footprint Collage a la’ Google Images

Nope no news today.. weather’s nice for a week though!

1. How did the two digital footprints compare, and did that surprise you? Thankfully, there’s not much to compare. And no not really surprised by that. I purposely chose ‘news’ for the RL search, because I’ve worked very hard to be just a ‘bloop’ in the system. The only footprint I ever want to leave for other’s to follow, is the one leading to either church or a 24/7 all you can eat ice cream buffet at Cold Stone Creamery.

2. Does anyone interesting share your name? These funny people do!

So, I used to get asked growing up… “Wendy? Where’s the beef?”.

3. Are you happy with the size of your digital footprint, or do you wish either one was larger/smaller?
I rather like wearing a size nil to zero on my RL digi footprint. I’d rather wish my SL presence, print, personality had a larger range of reach. I attest that to being lazy. Still, I wholly concur with Emily about Strawberry being ‘the’ definitive Second Life blogger. We’re really lucky to have residents like Strawberry, who continue to inspire the rest of us bloops 😉

4. If you woke up/ logged in one morning to discover over night you had suddenly gained rock-star status, and everybody knew who you were and wanted to know what you were doing… what would you do? 

Get on tumblr, upload a whole bunch of OUAT gifs and dress my avatar up as the Evil queen, cursing the whistleblower! No I wouldn’t do that. Her wardrobe would undoubtedly scare my teenagers back to toddlerhood… If I logged in to discover Wendz had suddenly gained her own fandom, what would I, as her controller person, do?

Buy her brand new shiny things! By the bus loads!

Yay you made it to the end of this challenge! Thanks for sticking around and I hope you get a chance to try this week’s meme too.

As I clicked through each page of the Google search, most all the hits that came up were my own comments on other SL Blogs. I don’t know about yous guys, but when there’s feedback for anything you’ve written, through whatever medium, it feels good to know that someone took the time to read through it, whether they enjoyed or not. So leave those comments, or less than threes (<3) and even those xoxoxo’s, yes those even mean something…

You can even leave the “Hated it. booo”.. those are okay too 😀 (Good for stats doncha know)

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  1. Totally agree with you, getting feedback and comments is an awesome feeling. I admit, I used to be really shy about leaving comments, even when I really really liked the post but I’ve been pushing myself and getting better at it. I love that you are so generous with your comments, appreciate all the support you give! ❤


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